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All aboard! An electric scooter craze is sweeping the nation! They’re everywhere—from TV shows and movies to real-life kids and grown-ups doing everything from zipping up the block to running local errands and, yes, even commuting to work. Students and professors alike are using electric scooters to zoom across campus, and vacationers are discovering the joy of keeping an electric scooter on their RV or boat. Even active seniors are using them to get around town.

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Major Announcement From Tesla Motors: The Infinite Mile Model S Warranty! PDF Print E-mail

2932363100_5bf7ff5820_zStarting a new company is not an easy undertaking. The complexities of running a business in any industry seem to be mount higher and higher each year, what with local, state and country regulations. Then if your product or service expands into other countries, there are even more regulations to contend with as well. This couldn't be even more true for the automotive industry. If anything, it is even tougher for that industry than any other.

New car buyers are usually hesitant to buy an unknown brand of vehicle. After all, it is pretty sizable investment into something that they need everyday without fail. The unknown brand leaves many questions on the table because there is no reputation established yet in regards to dependability and reliability. Thus the unknown makes the task of a new brand almost impossible.

Edmunds, a name well known and respected has been test driving a new brand, the Tesla Model S, an electric car on a long-term basis. Yes, they take the challenge to test drive such things so that the manufacturer has the opportunity to get the “bugs” out before their product hits the market. Risky for Edmunds, but somebody has to do it, right? It is also a risk for any auto manufacturer as Tesla found out right away when they had to replace the test unit 4 times for Edmunds.

So how did Tesla Motors counteract those 4 failures with Edmunds? The Silicon Valley auto maker announced a major upgrade that no other auto maker has dared to attempt, and most likely won't. They have increased the warranty to the Model S drivetrain to equal that of the battery pack. What does that mean? Well the 85-kilowatt-hour Model S now comes with an 8 year warranty on the drive-train and even better, unlimited mileage... or according to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, “infinite mileage!”

Renewable Energy Provided 99% of All New Electricity Capacity in the United States During the Month of October PDF Print E-mail

99-renewableEven though the United States has not tacitly agreed to cooperate with the rest of the globe's industrialized nations in a massive effort and pledge to reduce worldwide carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, the nation does have something it can boast about. The federal Office of Energy Projects (OEP), under the auspices of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, reported recently that over 99 percent of all new electricity capacity generated in the nation came from renewable resources.

The United State's ever increasing reliance on biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind power renewable resources are “to blame” for this claim. The OEP reports that 12 new solar units pushed out an impressive total of 504 megawatts of power, while four new biomass units produced an amazing 124 megawatts. Two new wind generators made 66 megawatts. The balance of the nation's electrical capacity, nearly one percent, was provided by oil, which accounts for a mere five megawatts, a drop in the bucket by any standards.

“As the threats posed by climate change grow increasingly more dire, renewable energy sources have clearly become a viable alternative to fossil fuels as well as nuclear power,” said Ken Bossong, Executive Director of the SUN DAY Campaign. “Accordingly, efforts by some at the state and national levels to roll back support for these sources are clearly misguided.”

X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter Review PDF Print E-mail

x-treme-370-electric-scooterX-Treme's popular X-370 Electric Scooter was my test drive today, and I have to say, this proved to be one sweet ride that is not only stylish, but is an affordable model that can fit almost any rider's needs.

The X-Treme X-370 is an upgraded version of the discontinued X-360 that offers riders higher quality components and superior design.

Powered by a beefy 350-watt, chain driven electric motor, the X-370 electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 21 mph, and can carry you as far as 20 miles on a single charge. The 3-cell battery pack pushes 36 volts, 30 amps to the rear wheel, where its closest competitors offer only two cells. When needed, the battery pack can be recharged in as little as 4-6 hours.

The X-Treme X-370 electric scooter is a classically styled one that boasts a durable ABS plastic “dolphin style” body which covers a super strong high tensile steel frame that can take a beating and come back for more. It's great looking, yes, but top quality components underneath the flash and dazzle assure you of a safe and reliable ride.

What goes fast must eventually go slow, and so the X-370's rear drum braking system offers a special inhibit safety feature that automatically disengages the throttle whenever the brake lever is pulled. Combined with the front suspension forks, the ultra-plush, spring loaded, shock absorbing seat assures you of a smooth ride as well.

X-Treme XMB-400 Electric Scooter Review PDF Print E-mail

x-treme-xmb-400-elite-electric-mobility-scooterThe X-Treme XMB-400 Elite Folding Electric Mobility Scooter is this weeks featured review! My favorite Aunt Millie called me the other day, asking for some advice on getting a new mobility scooter, as she is fast growing too infirm these days to walk around very much. One of her most important criteria was that the scooter be comfortable enough to ride for any length of time, as she loves to window shop down Main Street, especially during the holiday season. Fortunately, as a scooter tester, I was able to find one that fit her needs quite well: X-Treme's new XMB-400.

This lightweight, portable scooter sports a cushy shelf style seat that is fully adjustable, and comes with padded back and arm rests too. And with its beefy two 12 volt, 12 amp batteries, the X-Treme XMB-400 Elite can move you up to 10 miles on a single charge. I knew too that she'd appreciate the front-mounted removable basket, which would be a real aid for easier holiday shopping.

But I wanted more. I wanted to make sure Aunt Millie stays safe while riding around, and that the scooter be portable enough for Uncle Bob to transport and store away for her when it's not needed. Fortunately, the XMB-400 Elite fits that bill quite nicely.

The X-Treme XMB-400 Electric Mobility Scooter's 180 watt electric motor has a top forward speed of 4 mph, and a reverse top speed of 2 mph. Acceleration is smooth, and the automatic braking system engages when you ease off the throttle, bringing you to an easy stop. No jolting or jostling about here.

X-Treme XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bicycle Review PDF Print E-mail
x-treme-xb-300-sla-electric-mountain-bikeX-Treme's XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bicycle is perfect for you if you're new to the sport, or a novice user looking for a step up from the bare bones model you may have gotten when you first started riding.

I've never mountain biked before, but I was looking forward to trying it out with some experienced friends. They pointed me towards the XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bicycle, saying it was an affordable bike packed with high quality features not found on similar models.

One look at the X-Treme XB-300-SLA showed me the truth. Its 300 watt motor got me up to a top speed of 20 mph unassisted. Two 12 volt, 12 amp SLA batteries kept me moving for 10 miles, more if I pedaled.

Stripped down to the basics, the XB-300-SLA electric mountain bike is packed with quality components. The 18” steel frame is solid. Steel front forks with standard suspension take the pressure off landings, making the bike's ride a smooth and easy one. I appreciated the responsive handling of the aluminum alloy handlebars, which can take lots of twists and turns with ease.

The X-Treme XB-300-SLA has a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear and shifter, a TZX-31 rear dérailleur, and gearbox. You can pedal, or you can use the Twist and Go (TAG) system for an extra boost to make it up a hill. When using the Pedal Assist (PA) mode, the engine comes on after every 360 degree rotation of the pedals, making pedaling easier.
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