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trx-personal-transporter-e1050-scooterThe TRX E1050 Personal Transporter Electric Scooter is an ideal way for warehouse workers and security personnel to zip around large grounds or warehouses and avoid the obstacles that may come in their way as they do.

Two belt-driven 150 watt electric motors pack a 300 watt punch to move the TRX Personal Transporter along at speeds upward of 12 mph. The engines are fed by three 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries which provide the rider with a 15 mile range. When needed, recharge time is just 4-8 hours.

Built like a Segway, only better, the TRX E1050 has superior design features that vastly improve on the personal transporter model. A third wheel was added for stability and control, and the rear two pneumatic tires are assisted by a 125mm urethane wheel.

What's more, the TRX comes in at less than 1/10th the cost, and a fraction of the weight, of a traditional Segway. This alone makes it an ideal choice for those seeking personal transportation at an affordable price.

The TRX electric scooter has a quality frame made of high grade strong steel, covered by a durable ABS plastic body. The handlebars are made of a high quality and lightweight chromed aluminum, and with the two 8” pneumatic air tires in the rear, assisted by a 125mm urethane rear wheel, and the 15” pneumatic tire in front, the TRX E1050 can easily allow the rider to not only move along at a decent clip, but it can do a sustained wheelie and perform other scooter tricks as well, making it an ideal choice not only for professionals, but by casual users too.

evo-citi-800w-powerboard-electric-scooterThe Evo Citi 800w Electric Scooter from Puzey Motor Corporation is a great choice for those searching for a stylish scooter packed with top of the line features that leaves competitors behind in its dust.

Sporting a high grade twin tube steel frame with quality welding throughout, the Evo Citi 800w has an advanced front “Cam-Link” true mono-shock suspension system. Along with the twin rear shocks, the scooter offers riders a smooth and stable ride. It can accommodate riders up to 265 lbs., and weighs just 71 lbs.

Over one full horsepower is generated by the Evo Citi 800w's 800 watt brushless motor, which is fed by a 36 volt battery pack using three 12v/12amp batteries. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a chain drive system, which can be adjusted with one simple action without having to align the rear wheel, a feature that Puzey calls the “One-Touch Chain Tensioning System.”

The Evo Citi 800w Powerboard is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 24 mph and an easily removable battery pack can store enough juice to take the rider up to 10 miles on a single charge, more or less depending on terrain ridden and rider weight.

Steering is super responsive and accurate, provided by quality Riser handlebars, which gives riders a more comfortable experience while either seated or standing. When tired of standing, you can sit in comfort on a cushy quick release Ergo bicycle style seat, which is mounted on a fully adjustable post that can easily be removed when you want to do some serious standing only electric scooter riding.

evo2xbigToday I was fortunate enough to test the Evo 2x Big 50cc Powerboard from Puzey Motor Corp. It's a new gas sipping scooter that gets 85 mpg and claims to leave all others behind in its dust. Did it live up to Puzey's boastful claim? I am happy to report that it did, and even exceeded my own expectations. I think Puzey has a real winner on their hands with the Evo 2x.

For starters, the Evo 2x Powerboard is built with all top of the line, high quality parts, which make it a very light and responsive gas scooter. The high tensile steel frame is well made, and is complemented by a CNC aluminum deck. The 11” pneumatic knobby tires sure grip the dirt and move you forward fast and easy. The handlebars are motocross style, making this a dream to steer around obstacles, as turning is super responsive.

The whopping 50cc, 2-stroke gas engine puts out a massive 2 horsepower, and got me up to a top speed of 35 mph without breaking a sweat. The unique Puzey designed 2-speed belt drive transmission shifts smoothly, so you waste no time getting up to top speed. The chain offers the “One-Touch Tensioning” system, which allows you to tighten a loose drive chain with one simple and easy flick of the wrist, without even having to align the rear wheel.

evo-1000-watt-electric-scooterThe Evo 1000w electric scooter from Puzey is featured in this weeks review. When I look for an electric scooter to get me around town, I look for a model that is not only well built and packed with high quality, top of the line components that can make the scooter last a long, long time, but I also look for one that packs a lot of speed and yet is completely responsive and safe to ride. I think I found all that, and more, today in Puzey Motor Corp.'s new Evo 1000w Electric Scooter.

The Evo 1000w has a powerful engine that packs a 1,000 watt wallop which can get you moving quickly to reach a top speed of 26 mph with ease.

The motor is fed by three 12 volt, 12 amp batteries that provide a total of 36 volts of power, giving the scooter a 10 mile range that can be extended even further with the Evo 1000w's “Economy Mode,” which limits the top speed and acceleration rate of the scooter.

I found the battery pack to be so handy and light weight that I knew anyone could easily carry a spare, to extend your maximum driving range even further. And when it comes time to charge those depleted batteries, the included Smart Charger can top off the cells in as little as 4-8 hours, getting you back on the road fast.

CTM is a line of mobility scooters that is licensed to C.T.M HomeCare Product, inc. They are an American operation that is located in southern California. CTM has an varied sphere of operation, but they are beloved for their top notch mobility aids, such as electric wheelchairs and travel scooters. Ever since their introduction in 1995, they have been working hard to make a name for themselves in the power mobility market. They've done so by providing some of the best built vehicles at affordable prices. Their mobility scooters can be found for sale in over twenty countries. CTM had it's start as supplier of high quality motorcycle parts to big name companies like Yamaha and Suzuki in 1975, and they were commended on the international quality of these goods by the Motorcycle Industry. Their excellent reputation which they have gained through their early trails has allowed them to firmly establish themselves as top business.

Mobility scooters, for those who don't recognize the term, can best be thought of as an alternative choice to the common motorized wheelchair. Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs share much in common, especially in regard to utility. They differ in that mobility scooters generally are configured to look like motor scooters. They are sometimes called travel scooters or electric scooters, as well. Perhaps the most appealing factor when it comes to ravel scooters, is that they do not look wheel chairs. Individuals struggling with their mobility for the first time may find these vehicles an easier transition.

The following is a small sample of common Golden Technologies products, including the HS-125 Mini 3-Wheel Scooter, HS-290 Four Wheel Micro Scooter, and the HS 320 Three Wheeled Scooter. 

1. CTM HS-125 Mini 3-Wheel Scooter.
This vehicle from CTM is easy  to disassemble  because it breaks down into four easy-to-carry pieces. It boasts an added foldable seat, has expandable legroom, a one-piece battery pack, electronic controls that ensure safety and peace of mind for rider, reinforced chassis to reduce flex and rolling and stability when negotiating corners. This baby will help you get to and fro for years to come.


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