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The VELLO BIKE+ can fold into a suitcase size device, irrespective of the fact that it weighs up to 26 lb. It also has the capacity to recharge its battery while being used.

One cannot help but acknowledge the tremendous progress being made in the electric bicycle sector. Almost on a weekly basis, a new lighter, yet more functional version if the electric bicycle is released. VELLO is the new ground breaking innovation in this industry; specifically because of its ability to recharge itself while being used and fold into easily carried size.

As disclosed by VELLO BIKE+ makers on their Kickstarter page, the folding bike will be able to recharge itself during use. They also disclosed that the bike would sell for less than US$1800 (Early Bird price). This implies that this device which seems fairly priced can offer unlimited range because of its “recharge while being used” feature.

This product has a frame and 20 inch wheels that can give its user the feel of a full-sized bike and even more advantageous is the fact that one can fold and carry it between rides and for storage purposes, it can be folded to fit completely into a regular sized suitcase. Its 26 lb weight means it’s really light when compared to other electric bikes. It is powered through a 250W internal hub motor that features an integral battery pack which is reasonably cheaper because of its chain and derailleur configuration. This bike comes in varieties, leaving buyers with options to choose from, including disc brakes or caliper as well as titanium frame or chromoly frame.

As stated by its makers, the road grade and running speed determines the functionality of the bike. They affirmed that at turbo mode, the bike could run at 18-30 miles while it could run for unlimited mileage if used at the self charging mode that runs at 15mph. When desired, the battery can be charged using external means and this takes approximately 3 hours to get a full charged battery.

Apart from the fact that this bike converts mechanical energy into electrical energy thanks to its Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), the energy with this new system is harvested as before by braking and pedaling. This enables the extra release of energy to recharge the light integrated lithium-ion battery. This technology has helped VELLO BIKE+ to enhance the motor map continuously and automatically in order to charge the battery. The motor support and the speed of cutoff both rely on the battery charge, the slope on the road and the input from the pedals (speed-torque).

The VELLO BIKE+ comes with some really cool feature such as Bluetooth connected app to help riders get ride statistics, lock rear wheel select power mode etc, it also comes with a bell, fenders, front rack, as well as front and rear LED lights.
This seems like a game-changer. An electric bike that has no limit in terms of mileage and range for local transportation, fit into a suitcase. More realistically, because this is the first from VELLO,  we are yet to find out if their products will leave up to expectations. For more information, you can check out the Kickstarter page, where the makers have gone beyond its initial crowdfunding target of $87,255, and where backers can pre-order a BIKE+ for as little as US$1799 to be delivered by April 2017.


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