• Mongoose: My battery doesn't stay charged very long. What can I do to increase the time. It is new.
  • Schwinn: The battery charger on my Schwinn scooter is flashing red and won't take a charge.......HELP
  • Rad2go: Where can I get replacement batteries for the Rad2Go Sunbird Electric Scooter?
  • Currie: I have a Schwinn S-180 electric scooter from Currie Technologies and it stopped running. I've checked the batteries they are OK, fuse is OK voltage seems OK can it be the speed control and is it available. How can I check out the motor?
  • Mongoose: Where can I get my Mongoose electric scooter repaired? I have broken spokes on the back tire.
  • Boreem: When my Boreem Jia 602 series is fully charged it will travel on flat ground, but not up a slight slope like our driveway. If parts are needed where do I go to get them and where can I find a service center?
  • Goped: My son weighs close to 400. Will the GoPed ESR750 be able to handle the weight?
  • Schwinn: What is the contact info for the manufacturer of Schwinn Scooters?
  • Currie: Does Currie make Schwinn electric scooters?
  • Rad2go: Does the Rad2Go Sunbird electric bicycle have a web site? If so, what is it?

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