All aboard! An electric scooter craze is sweeping the nation! They’re everywhere—from TV shows and movies to real-life kids and grown-ups doing everything from zipping up the block to running local errands and, yes, even commuting to work. Students and professors alike are using electric scooters to zoom across campus, and vacationers are discovering the joy of keeping an electric scooter on their RV or boat. Even active seniors are using them to get around town. Why?

Because it’s fun, it’s convenient, and it saves money, resourcesand the environment.

Ready to get on board?

When you start thinking about buying an electric scooter for yourself or a loved one, many questions come to mind. What features and specifications are available, and which ones are most important to you? Where do you buy a quality electric scooter? Which brands are best? And what about safety, laws, and replacement parts? How do you avoid poor quality scooters and the unscrupulous vendors who sell them? brings you all of these answers, plus many more you may never have thought to ask. Our goal is to help you find the electric scooter that's right for you! And once you purchase one, we’re still here to answer all of your questions and concerns.