Electric Scooters vs. Gas Scooters

Mongoose: Mongoose scooters come with a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. If you believe there's a defect with the battery and the scooter is new, I suggest contacting the manufacturer for service. You can reach the manufacturer, Currie Technologies, at 800-377-4532.
Schwinn: I suggest buying a volt meter at your local electronics store. Check the output of the charger using the volt meter. If it turns out the battery charger is the problem, then you'll want to buy a new battery charger. Visit our Electric Scooters Parts page for a great scooter parts store that sells Schwinn scooter battery chargers.
Rad2Go: Replacement batteries for the Rad2Go Sunbird are available through the manufacturer. You can reach Rad2Go at 760-632-5700.
Currie: Another easy test you can try is to check the battery charger using a volt meter. Aside from that your best bet is to take the scooter to a qualified Currie scooter repair shop to determine if the motor or controller need to be replaced. Visit our Electric Scooters Parts page for a link to a great scooter parts store that offers a "Find A Repair Shop" feature. You can also try Currie Tech's website for some self-help tip at www.currietech.com.
Mongoose: If you're looking for a Mongoose scooter repair shop locally, take a look at our ELECTRIC SCOOTER PARTS page for a great electic scooter parts website that also offers a "Find A Scooter Repair Shop" feature.
Boreem: Click here to visit a great website that carries a wide variety of Boreem scooter parts and also offers a "Find A Repair Shop" feature. You might also try calling local bike shops for service. Bike shops will sometimes service scooters as well.

Anthother thing to check is the watt rating of your motor. The Boreem Jia comes with either a 250 watt or 350 watt motor. The 250 watt motor is not powerful enough to take the scooter up an incline or hill. In fact, if you have never been able to climb your driveway, this may be the problem all together.

Go-Ped Electric Scooters: Yes, GoPed scooters are the toughest scooters in their class and both the Goped ESR750 and GoPed ESR750EX can handle weights of 400 lbs. +. But keep in mind that the speed and range of any electric scooter is reduced with a heavy rider. Your son should expect performance slightly less than the specifications for this scooter normally allow.
Schwinn: Schwinn scooters are manufactured by Currie Technologies. Currie can be reached as follows;

20600 Nordhoff St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Main Office: 818-734-8123
Warranty: 800-377-4532
Website: www.currietech.com

Currie manufacturers a wide variety of electric scooters, including; Schwinn scooters, GT scooters, Mongoose scooters, Currie scooters and I-Zip scooters.

Currie: Yes, Currie manufacture's the Schwinn electric scooter line. They also manufacture GT electric scooters, Mongoose electric scooters and I-Zip electric scooters.
Rad2Go: There isn't a specific website devoted to the Sunbird, but if you Click Here you'll find a complete listing of info and specifications for the Rad2Go Sunbird electric bike.
Ted G asks: replaced the 250 watt controller with a 350 watt controller, now the 602 I scooter will not take a charge.
Craig l asks: i charge the scooter and it will not run.i even replaced the fuses.
Adriean C asks: Where can I buy a Boreem scooter, I have looked online and can't seem to hooked up to any site that sells them and are they any good for traveling 3 miles twice a day for 7 days a week (gas only) and what is a good price for a gas one.
Peter A asks: where do I get replacement parts and a wiring diagram for the Boreeem Jia electric scooter? Thank you
Pam V asks: my "detailed" manual is missing off my scooter. Someone put the wrong size fuse in place of the one that fell out when I last rode it. Can you tell me what is the correct fuse to put in and where I can get the 4-page owner's manual? Thank you.
Vicky a asks: we have a boreem jea series that takes two 6wd 12 volt batteries. where can i find these?
Tom p asks: how do i change batteries
Michelle P asks: I have a Boreem Ghia 2 electric scooter I bought used, will not hold a charge, wondering where to get a new battery. I had to take it completely apart to get to it, been sitting like this for almost a year.
Laura H asks: I have a Jia 602-I and need a charger. I can find one for a 602-D, would that work? Or where can I get one for mine? Thanks!!
EK W asks: my scooter only goes a little bit is there a troubleshooting guide? PLEASE respond to my email
John p asks: i need a power box but i don.t know the make or model of the scooter.
Peter A asks: My recently aquired yellow Boreem JIA Scooter is....Where do I get an owners and parts manual so I may order replacement parts. Or has this scooter been discontinued with no support for spare parts? Thank you.
Anthony j asks: how fast is 43cc
Kimberly t asks: are they legal to ride on the roads and what age do you have to be?
Joshizzo I asks: what is the wattage for the light bulb in the headlamp off the scooter
Marisa F asks: What is the Max weight allowed & Age?
Paco asks: does Boreem make the Jia scooter?
Jasmine asks: my scooter is working. what do i do? i think its the charging part or something
Darryl asks: I have a Boreem Jia 601S and need a manual and charger for it- Can you advise where I can purchase one? Thanks in advance-
Patti DeMaria asks: where can i find a fuse for my scooter in town where i live not sure if the fuse holdeer needs replacing,also
Matt asks: If i am unable to locate the key to my scooter, how would i go about getting a replacement?
Veronica asks: Where is the nearest Boreem scooter repair shop in Atlanta, GA?
Walt asks: After charging the batteries and turning on the keyswitch,nothing works except the horn. Operating the throttle produced a high pitch for 1, 2 seconds, then nothing. Does this indicate a defective controller?
Dennis asks: Where can I get parts for the Boreem 602D electric scooter.
Liz asks: Where can I buy a replacement battery for my Boreem scooter, and how do you get to the battery on the scooter.
Brian asks: Does Boreem have a small mini electric scooter around 200 watts?
Norris Roope asks: I have a 2002 model Boreem Jia. I need a battery and a charger. How do I find these?
Sylvia Richardson asks: When my Boreem Jia 602 series is fully charged it will travel on flat ground, but not up a slight slope like our driveway. If parts are needed where do I go to get them and where can I find a service center?
Candy L asks: How long do the batteries last? My son has his only 3 months and it won't hold a charge any longer.
Larry P asks: Where can I find replacement batteries? 130 Series Electric Scooter
Ledge M asks: What kink of batteries go in my Currie scoote ?
Ed Chiosso C asks: how can I keep my chain from falling off my Phat Flyer? Where can I get some visual directions or technical help?
Don M asks: The chain on my zip scooter keeps breaking. Modle S350 What can I do?
Nancy K asks: We have a Schwinn Stealth 1000. I'm not sure what wires hook into what. There is a DC Motor controller, battery, and wires coming down from the handle bars. Please help.
Tate D asks: where can I get a battery charger
Maryanne L asks: I need to purchase a battery for a J. Series scooter- My first scooter . It is a 12 V battery made by currie technolognies according to the instruction booklet I have. The scooter was given to my son as a gift so I really don't anything else about it except the information I provided you with. How can I buy a battery.
Lisa E asks: where can I find an owner's manual for a Mongoose M150 Electric Scooter?
Julie H asks: how can I find replacement battery CB4.5-12 (12V4.5AH/20HR) for IZIP Stealth-130 electric scooter
Daekwon b asks: how to fix the throttle
Steve T asks: I bought a New Currie Twist Trrottle for my Schwinn 1000 Skooter. The New Throttle works perfect, but I am unable to remove the old Twist Throttle. It seems to be pressed onto the HAndle Bar. Is there a trick to remove these old Twist Throttles?
Jeff C asks: I took off the rear wheel to change a flat tire and I think that I tightened up the axle nuts too tight because when I hook the chain back up and it looks adjusted correctly,it turns real slowly and kicks the chain off.The sound it makes is the same when I would tighten up my bike axle nuts too tight.I tried to adjust it,but nothing works.You think it would be easier to just buy a new wheel assembly?
Terry g asks: will not take charge
Mark W asks: I have an older City Bug scooter that starts moving even though you are not pressing the throttle. Any ideas how to fix or where to take it? Maybe a users manual I could download? Thanks
Amy R asks: Re: 03 Scooter Shwinn S180 Why, all of a sudden (today) my scooter excelerated even when I did not have the button pushed? The only way I could slow down was by using the brake. Even when I was just sitting on it, it wanted to go and stayed that way (but sometimes would go off). I am afraid to ride it now.
Stacy R asks: Is there a model named Scoot e or anything similar to that?
Tom g asks: battery connections
Lew B asks: Where can I find a diagram or wiring ID for a Currie 24V 40 Amp speed controller? I don't need the plugs since I will be using the controller for non scooter use. Thanks. Lew
Neal K asks: I have a 130 Series Electric Scotter and the rubber on the back wheel is gone. Where do I find one.
Anthony d asks: Where can i get a charger for my scooter model th-130 Izip stealth.
Peter K asks: wobbling rear wheel...is it loose or warped?
Ron h asks: I am trying to find a battery for my schwinn s350 scooter.walmart sells the scooter but not the battery,
Albert h asks: where can i find the ownwers manual of stealth 1000 scooter
Georgette Y asks: I have a GT 350 with a flat tire. Where can I get a new one and where can I get a user manual so I know how to set it back up?? Thanks!!!
Colton asks: My I zip 130 stealth scooter it belt brock then i was riding it i was wondering if i could send it in and git it fix
Stephen F asks: I have a GT 350 series electric scooter and I was wondering where I can find a new battery for it.
Harold asks: Where can I find a owners manual for a GT300 scooter.
Jmaie 2 asks: how do i hook up the batteries for my shiwwn s180
Kathy S asks: Where can I find an owners manual for a Currie Phat E Electric Scooter?
Jackie Harkey h asks: i have a currie electric scooter i let it charge over night but it only takes half charge what should i do
LARA B asks: The twist throttle handle on my daughters seated electric scooter has snapped off and the small silver ring from inside lost. Can this be fixed DIY Style without replacing the entire throttle ?
Steve B asks: How do I order a replacement battery charger for the GT300 Currietech Electric Scooter?
Greg K asks: where can I download a owners manual?
Linda M asks: I am trying to replace my 5-wheel City Bug electric scooter with one with same features. I use it for exercising Golden Retrievers. The City Bug is NO longer made. It main feature for my needs was weight 65 lbs. with the battery. It folded easily. It went 10 miles per hour for 10 miles. I am only 112 lbs. and do not have the brawn that many of the scooters require because they are TOO heavy for me the handle alone. Also used for exercising dogs when they are being professionally shown. I sincerely appreciate your feed-back. Thank you.
Joe a asks: how do i take the back tire off the scooter
Kathy c asks: I have a schwinn S180 scooter the problem is when I put the power on, the speed is at high you cannot control the speed with the handle Any idea what the problm is
John L asks: what are the specs for the charger. I not sure I can find the original. Also need to know if you charge the scooter with the power button 'on or 'off'.
Ken S asks: where is the speed controller box located on the currie scoot-e? it's the 2 wheeled, red, with the seat and basket - purchased in about 2001. (i think) i removed the cover over the batteries and cannot seem to find where it is. is it in the motor casing? thanks, ken
Bryan S asks: where can I purchase twin battery (UB1250/12V/5.0Ah) for Schwinn S150 scooter,in Australia please.
Maria m asks: are there any places where i can fix my currie tech electric scooter. pleace send me an adress of the place or store. thank you
John S asks: We bought a used S350 that will not hold a charger very long. What is the normal charge time? & Should we replace the battery?
Tom b asks: how do you charge it.
Deyo s asks: rear wheel froze up. what are alternatives.
Steven e asks: Needing a throttle control for a Schwinn Missile FS. The drive dogs in the twist control have broken off. When can I purchase a replacement throttle control.
Bob L asks: My son has a 2000 Phat Flyer. The thumb-throttle stopped working, I need a replacement. I've found several sites with Currie thumb throttles, however they don't look exactly like the old 200 model I have. Do you know if the part is still available?
JoAnne M asks: where can a get the part to replace the back wheel and belt on my Izip Steel TH130. The scooter was purchased in December 2007 and my son hasn't been able to use since March 2008.
Larry M asks: How do fix a chain that has fallen off the sprocket? That is without tearing the whole scooter apart?
Larry k asks: how can I test a currie 3 pin throttle
Michaela V asks: I need to buy a new battery for my COMFORT BICYCLE CB AL 24 CURRIE i-zip, ELECTRIC ALUMINUM BIKE I-ZIP WITH 450 WATTS POWER. I accidentally broke the prongs on the old battery. Where can I buy a new battery that already has the prongs set up so I can just slip it in, charge it, and go? THanks!
Jon T asks: For the Schwinn (really Currie), Stealth 1000 OEM battery pack is really poor. It tends to last only a few months and Schwinn(Currie), give a pathetic 90 warantee on it. I am in need of a replacement battery pack to replace the Schwinn Stealth 1000 pack of the 36 volt battery pack. I would really like some recommendations. Does Currie now make a better one to replace it with ??IS there a superior replacement ? Thanks, jon
Scott L asks: that the scooter stopped working. I checked the motor, the throttle and the brake inhibitor and all of them are working. This left the controller. I bought a new controller from MonsterScooterParts.com and installed it and this did not fix the issue. I have 27V going into the controller and never get the voltage out of the controller going to the motor even when I bypass the throttle and the brake inhibitor. Is there something that I am missing or could I have been shipped a bad controller.
Cory s asks: i have a schwin gt350 scooter, and iam having trouble finding out what kind of battery it has please help
Crystal P asks: How does the battery hook up?
Ken s asks: i'm having a problem with my scoot-e(currie). the throttle will just stop working. it can be at any time. then it will start working again. i changed the battery recently. there's no warning when it will stop and i know it's not overheating cause it can happen after just a couple of minutes when on low throttle. i removed all connections and re-connected to troubleshoot for oxidation. any suggestions? thanks! ken
Dereck w asks: where do I get detailed chain tightening instructions for a currie/schwinn s-600 scooter?
Laurie M asks: 2 questions, Where are Currie Scooters manufactured ? Also, where is a price listing for their products ( it is not on their web-site ). Thank-you
Lance L asks: My scooter charger red light only stays red for 10 sec then turns green and doesnt vharge
Mike P asks: Hello: Where can I get an owners manual for GT Astroid scooter? Thanks, Mike
Rocco a asks: my son has a izip 130 after charging the motor does not engage is this a bad battery. I believe its out of warranty. what is normal expected life of these batteries
Jeff asks: do you have a scematice of the rear wheel assembly for a schwinn s-180 scooter? I need to put the wheel back on but it does not seem to fit proper the motor wables back and forth
John W asks: I have a older Currie Scooter that i have know idea how old it is. How can you tell and be able to get parts for it?
Mica a asks: I just got my son a izip scooter 130 series. He just rode this scooter a few times and it stop working. It won't go by it self anymore. Is there anything I can do to make it work. We charged it all night. I've pushed the restart button. It just won't go.
Mike H asks: how do you tighten the chain for the S180 Schwinn electric motor scooter?
Sean H asks: I have a series 130 scooter and need to order a replacement rear wheel where can I do so?
David k asks: I am having a problem installing the rear brake cable on the wheel assy of a schwinn s180 scooter I need a picture of how it is assembled
Kathy g asks: I have a schwinn s180 electric scooter. when it is being charged, if I turn the throttle, the back wheel moves. But remove the charger, and pull the throttle and nothing moves. Any thoughts on what needs to be replaced and if I could do it on my own? thanks, Kathy
Dametry d asks: i have a gt gt scooter. How long does it take to charge it fully?
Randy A asks: Hi! My son is an explosives dog handler at the American Emabssy compound in Baghdad, Iraq. He uses his 2005? GT-350 (sent to him by my daughter) to get around the Green Zone and to run his dog for exercise. His wheel was somehow broken and he won't tell us why, but he needs a replacement WHEEL (not tire). I have to assume that the wheel was a victim of some sort of attack, because I have never heard of a wheel breaking. But now I have to send a replacement. Which wheel assemmblies would work on this scooter? He's actually had all kinds of offers to buy the scooter, (the Green Zone is huge - a couple miles long and wide) would it be a better idea just to send him a new one? And if so, do you folks make a strong one that folds up nicely for shipping? Thanks!
Teri M asks: I need a new rear wheel. A piece is missing out of it and makes a loud noise when my son rides it. The scooter was a xmas present so it is not that old to be broken already.
Robert M asks: I need a repair manual for a Schwinn s350. I can't find one on the currietech website. There are no repair shops for Currie anywhere near me so I have to fix it myself.
Adam K asks: Are Currie Electric Scooters legal to use in the state of California?
Morgan W asks: My Mongoose Currie Tech scooter won't go. The battery is charged but does not move at all when the handle grip is turned. There are no dealers near my location. Is there any way I can test or buy parts to repair the scooter?
Lois D asks: how can I obtain an instruction manual for the Mongoose 350 electric scooter?
Evin Brown b asks: where to find parts in the rockford il area
Glenn M asks: I need to get a rear wheel and tire for my 2005 series 350 scooter
Sean V asks: Whee can I get a throttle for my Currie IZip GT300 electric scooter? Can you send the part number. can you send me some web sites
Alex M asks: That I lost the owner's manual and i wanted to know if you could give to me?
Scott J asks: I have just bought a four pin thumb throttle for a gt 350 it has a 6 pin throttle can I use the 4 by converting it somehow? the 6 pin is broken
Carolyn G asks: Does Currie or Schwinn make a three wheel electric scooter
Chris Khalil k asks: My friend down the street bought a scooter from currie about 4 years ago. It is the phatflyer SE. It only has a 300 watt motor. I just bought a Currie Gt750 and it has a 750 watt motor, and somehow is goes way faster then myne. Why is this?
David T asks: I have a GT 350, i just bought a new charger, it indicates that the battery is full but the machine has no response. the light is present when in the on position, wheather pluged in or not. i tried getting the machine to work while plugged in but nothing happens.What could be the problem?
Bill E asks: we have two GT-350 scooters and neither seems to charge. when plugged in the charger shows a red light and the light on the scooter does not come on. suggestions?
Scott Reel asks: My daughter has a Currie/Schwinn S-250 Electric Scooter. Every had been working just fine until a few weeks ago. She told me that the motor was running but it would not go. I thought the chain came off. Much to my surprise, it was not the chain. The threaded gear unit on the rear tire was turning, but the notthe tire. The rear gear threads onto the wheel hub. The wheel hub is alloy or aluminum and the threads on the gear and/or wheel hub are stripped. After looking at it closely, the assembly should have been designed with a key or set screw to prevent the drive force on the threads. Has there been any problems with that assembly? Has there been any recall and/or warranty replacement of the assembly? In Michigan, there is about 6 months at a time that my daughter can ride it, and at here age not very far. This is only her 2nd summer of use. How can I get the the problem resolved? And is there a cost?
Doug B asks: my daughter's I-130 scooter stopped working the day she opened it. The battery seems charged. Is there a fuse that could have blown? Or any other suggestions?
James Rofulowitz asks: I've been looking for the rear tire for my son's I-ZIP i-130 for a month now. He skidded on the driveway the first day he rode it and now it has a flat spot that got worse and worse. The web-site you keep referring everyone to does not carry such a part. Or so it seems. Where can I buy this tire??? My kid is devasted....he saved for this scooter and now it is worthless!!
Ken Bonkowski asks: where can I purchase a 24 volt controller for my s-350? What would I expect to pay
Dave asks: do you have any repair shop in georgia
Jessica Bogart asks: I need a new back wheel for the Currie I-zip scooter and I don't know where to get one. Locally I am told they do not carry them in stock. So I'm on search for one. Please help...my daughter is driving me insane about it! Thanks
Skip asks: need 40amp controller for 450watt motor
Brian Haire asks: Can I buy a back tire or wheel & tire
Mike asks: Where in Houston can I get the rear wheel for an IZIP 130 scooter?
Silka asks: My son got a Currie I-zip 130 for Christmas yesterday. After riding it one day the rear tire is missing a huge chunk. I have serached the sites you list here for spare parts and they do not seem to have the tire for this model. How else can I get one and why did it wear out so quickly? Is there an alternative tire we can use that would be more durable?
Nicole Powers asks: Will my daughter be able to enjoy the 1 zip 130 or is it to cheap of a scotter.She is only eight and is not a dare devil, Thanks
Joyce asks: I bought my granddaughter a red I-Zip scooter, the ASIN# is B0007sxamo. She needs a new real wheel, as it has worn down the I-zip scooter is red with red spoked wheels.
Kim Henderson asks: We've been through 3 battery chargers, the scooter will not hold a charge. It runs only when plugged into the charger and once it's removed, the light won't come on and it won't go. Please help!
Susan Baranek asks: I just bought a Mongoose m-150 by Currie Technologies from Wal-mart. The instructions provided to snap the handle bar in place are for a different model that has a clamp. Our Mongoose m-150 doesn't have a clamp. We can't figure out how to lock in the handle bars and Wal-mart can't help us. Please send us correct directions.
Susan asks: I need a parts list for a Schwinn S-180 scooter from Currie Technologies. Where can I find one?
Connie Schriever asks: Where in the Cincinnati, Ohio area or Butler County area can we buy a battery for a currie mongoose electric scooter?
Bill Perry asks: Where can I buy a replacement battery for my Currie scooter? How much do Currie scooter batteries cost?
Chris Benson asks: I have just picked up a Currie Scoot-E 4130 from a yard sale. It needs a little TLC to get it working properly. How can I go about getting a owners manual and how hard would it be to get any parts for repair.
Dieter Schmied asks: I just purchased a 350GT Currie scooter. I don't know how old the batteries are or if one or both are defective. Is there a way to check each of these sealed batteries, perhaps with an automotive lead/acid battery load checker? The batteries on my Currie 350GT scooter get about four blocks between charges.
Scott asks: My Currie scooter still operates when it's shut off? Is this ok? She says that after she rides it for awhile it will eventually shut off... sounds like a short?
Dieter Schmied asks: What is the most common failure part of a 350GT scooter? Is the wattage of the motor most indicative of the capacity of the scooters? What, if any, are the significant differences between a Schwinn, GT350 and a Currie 350 scooter?
B. Busby asks: My Currie scooter is 6 months old and battery charger light stays green (battery says fully charged) but battery only lasts 1 minute. How do I verify problem? Do I need to buy a new Currie scooter part - battery or charger?
Randy Starcher asks: We have a 350 Series Currie Scooter and it is fully charged but we can't get it to run. All the lights light up on it. It is only 4 months old. When you go to start it it does nothing.
Jeff asks: Where does Currie Tech manufacture their electric scooters? In the USA or China? What is the name of the company that manufactures the scooters for Currie?
M.c. Allen asks: How do you adjust the rear brake on i-zip scooters built by Currie Technologies.
John Nance asks: Did currie build a scooter under the name of great eagle model ef-120cd?.
Kelly asks: I need a rear wheel complete possible mad tire for my Currie electrical scooter. Where can I buy one?
Lisa asks: Wondering what scooters have the recall.
Kevin Lips asks: I have a Currie S250 it quit working. I thought it was the motor. I replaced the motor and the speed control but it still will not work. When you give it throttle, the wires going to the motor get very hot. Any ideas what to do next?
LeeAnn Brothers asks: I need a Currie scooter part. Where or what number do I call for Currie scooter parts, specifically to get a new throttle for a GT350 electric scooter manufactured by Currie Technologies?
Angela Hoedt asks: How do I get through to a real person about scheduling to get my childs scooter fixed. I've spent hours on the phone listing to music on que and have left many messages.
Traci Schreiber asks: We have an I-Zip 130 series electric scooter. The rear wheel has a chunck missing out of it. We would like to get a replacement for it. My child cannot enjoy his birthday present because of the rear wheel nor rolling properly. Would you please help me with this problem or direct me to someone who could?
Patricia asks: I live in Long Beach, CA and would like to know where I can get a Currie Scooter serviced?
Johnson asks: Does Currie make Schwinn electric scooters?
Alan Howe asks: I have a Schwinn S-180 electric scooter from Currie Technologies and it stopped running. I've checked the batteries they are OK, fuse is OK voltage seems OK can it be the speed control and is it available. How can I check out the motor?
David S asks: I bought this scooter yesterday for my nephew...got it all charged up and he went to ride it and it will go for about two seconds and then it will stop. Whats wrong with it?
Michelle Z asks: On what website can I find a charger for a I-Zip 200 Electric moterscooter
Pat D asks: I have a 130 I bought last xmas and it will not run. I have charged it but it stopped working. I am not sure if it's under warranty or how to get it repaired.
Darrell R asks: where would I purchace another motor for my e-bike. thanks.
Bob m asks: i need a replacement drive belt. No paperwork got as xmas present. Looks like a 130,150, 200, or 300. Best guess 130 purchased at walmart. No markings on scooter other than usless 800 number.
Lisa D asks: I can't find where to plug in the charger on the 130 model. I can't find my instruction booklet and am at a loss.
Jon asks: Hello i reciently recieved a used I-ZIP scooter and the back skate wheel is all worn down and flat at parts from the previous owner skidding where can i find that specific part?
Muhammed t asks: how fast does it go
Greg P asks: where can I get an izip i200 electric scooter charger
Doug M asks: Need a 12"x3" tire. Amazon wants $14 for the tire and $15 for shipping. Where can I find a better deal? Thanx!
Pete H asks: scooter broke (belt) after two weeks of owning this> Do you know where I can get it repaired or where I can replace parts and do it myself>?
Jack asks: where can i get charger for i200?
Steve L asks: I'm trying to replace the innertube for the back wheel of a I-500. It appears that both the brake and the belt assembly will need to be dismantled to remove the wheel. Is there a less invasive way to attack this? thanks
Chris v asks: Is there any way to get a 2003 manual for a Currie I-Zip? Is there any way to contact you by phone. I have some questions about your scooters. Thanks.
Carl b asks: model strealth 130. I don't have the owners manual for this and I can't find where to plug the charger on the scooter. Where does the end of the charger plug go into the scooter. Carl
Cathie L asks: the scooter had run completely out of life in a shed for about 7 months. We recharded it for 24 hours and we get a small buzzing sound but it does not run when accelerated. What can we do to get it to work?
Bob B asks: We have the izip I300 and the rear tire went flat. What size is the inner tube and where can I get one.
Brandon B asks: Battery won't recharge is it dead for good? If so-where can i get a new one?
Scott S asks: where can I find replacement 140 mm skate wheels for this scooter?
Donald P asks: How can I get an owner's manual for a izip I130 scptter?
Chuck M asks: Who manufactures the Izip Scooters and what is their website address.
Koby J asks: i need a new belt.
Arry asks: where do u fix them
Armand a asks: where can I buy Izip i500 power unit model:cc2418
David J asks: where in my area can I take my son's Schwinn-650 for repairs, thanks in advance
Tony l asks: is there an aftermarket key switch to replace the on/off switch?
Dawn M asks: if the scooter has been recalled? After short usage, the back wheel wore and now causes the scooter to wobble. If there is has been no recall, what do you recommend? Thank You - Dawn
Reginald T asks: How do I contact IZIP
Mimi Z asks: How fast does the Izip stealth 130 go?
Elaine h asks: Replacing my battery charger, i ned to know what kind
Lori G asks: Is the Izip200 a good quality scooter (has removable seat). Looking for an 8 year old girl (only 52 lbs) for xmas gift
Betty J asks: Do you have the Izip tri-wheel scooter new for 2008.
Lynn M asks: Are the I-Zip Scooters generally a step better than the Schwinns. I want to buy my 125lb 11 year old a good quality electric scooter (without going broke). Can you suggest one?
Jerry F asks: I have an Izip about a month & the battery is getting weaker & weaker even though I recharge it every 2 or 3 days. What should I do?
Mary Lou c asks: Any problems with the i zip 200 not stopping even when braking
STAN W asks: The i-1000 scooter fell over in the garage and a small pastic piece broke off the right handle bar just above the throttle grip. the bike will run but won't slow until the brake is applied. i taped it back on and it seems to hold for now. looks to be some kind of stop or speed governor. it was fastened originally with a screw through the middle but now it only is being held together with tape. can this part be replaced relatively easily?
James b asks: i need a hp1202b charger for an invacare scooter. where do i find one
Theresa G asks: where can I purchase the batteries for the mongoose dirt grinder. I have having trouble locating electric batteries with the number on the battery.
Michael E asks: what is the driver' weight for a Mongoose M250 scooter?
Tina asks: howtoput write conecters to contral boxas ihavetook it apart and cant get it write again trouble shooting
Theresa W asks: Where can i download a owners manual for electric mongoose dirt grinder 4 wheeler
Jackie asks: i have an electric scooter its charger blinks red , the other blinks green what is the problem with them
Cazles A asks: How Much Do they cost
Cathy W asks: I do not know what is wrong with my scooter......where can I bring it in my area to have the problem diagnosed?
Sabrina h asks: where can i get a charger for a mongoose 350 scooter?
Josh A asks: I have a mongoose rocket FS that barelly moves with the batteries fully charged i was wondering if there was a way i could test the controller to see if it was bad
Cathy W asks: Where can you bring a scooter for servicing in my area?
Ronnie a asks: where can I get a Razor scooter repaired in houston,tx
Jacob asks: how to charge m200 eletric scooter
George l asks: When the charger is pluged into the scooter and the outlet chargieng it the led blinks red a green rapidly waht does this mean?
Donna c asks: I need to have repair done and want to know where to take it.
Filipo B asks: I have a Mongoose m200 pro. The batteries are dead. The scooter is about 3 1/2 years old. I live near Madison,WI. I was wondering whether it would be worth it to fix it, or just try to sell it and where i would be able to do so. Thanks.
George p asks: how to fix flats
Prag p asks: battery is charged shown green light when you turn it on,but does not move.
Steve R asks: I have a M250. I have not used it in over a year. I went to charge it. The light on the charger does not light up at all. Could this be because the battery has sat so long with out a charge? What should I try next?
Mike h asks: my charger is blinking green and when plugged into the scooter it goes solid red and stays red. Is the problem the charger or battery?
Paul P asks: I purchased a shoprider sunrunner 888b-3 used without a charger. i bought a soniel charger with the lxr plug model 2409SR2C. The battery on the scooter has 3 bars out of 8 meaning its low in power. when i plug in the charger the green light stays constant saying that its fully charges. it should be constant red for charging. do i have a faulty charger or batteries? we checked evverything and it seems fine. is there a trick i should do to fix it? thanks...any suggestions please email : Its my dads mobility scooter. we dont have the money to get a new one. hes sick and we just want him to get around as fast as possible but this issue is slowing up down. thanks!!
Geordie T asks: Where can I buy a Schwinn Stealth 1000 in Melbourne Australia
Al r asks: How do i remove the back wheel to change the inner tube?
Vincent t asks: i have the mongoose m200 i charge it and i turn on the switch but when i hit accelerate it wont move so wut do i do or were can i take it to fix it
Woody w asks: can i get one Mongoose scooter for 250 or less?
Mollie t asks: How can i fix it
Dave N asks: If I want to sell my Mongoose M350 (Orange and black) scooter, how much should I charge for it. My uncle bought it and tried to take it outside the country. The people at the airport opened the box and then didnt let him take it. SO now I have it. Its been in my house for the last couple of years and no one has used it. I wanna sell it and I don't want to be ripped off. Any idea what a good price would be for it, considering you cant buy it in stores anymore. It is in its original box with all manuals and such.
Bob e asks: if you charge it on fast speed will it have the same charge as slow charge?
Elizabeth D asks: my scooter will not go like it runs and if you put it up in the air i sat the middle of it on a bucket and the tire spins but when you set it down on the ground it will not go and it makes a funny noise what do i need to do?! please help
Devon Ellison E asks: We just put in a new throuttel. Everything seemed to me working fine. A Few weeks later, there was no power going to the engine. I poked around the wires and conections I was able to get the conection to reach and shift into the throuttel but the conection would end a few seconds. The wires are behind the battary pack going to the back and connecting through to the engine. What parts should I be looking at to see if the connection just needs to be reconneted or do I need to replace the connections?
Robb m asks: where can i get a rear wheel for a 350m
Zach g asks: where do i buy a charger for a model m250 aorund burlington that will fit this scooter or do you have to have a certain kind of charger or do all of them fit and how do you tell the amperage of the scooter?
Justin k asks: i have a couple questions i need help with is there any way to wire a key swith system to a m350 mongoose scooter insted of the on and of swithch? how can you modify my m350 to go faster without spending more than $25 i might be gettin another scooter what scooter do you recomend with fast speed and long lasting under 300 give a couple of suggestions thanks
Mike T asks: My M200's front tire is flat...what is the correct size for the inner tube replacement? It looks to be like 12.5 but I've seen recomendation for 8" on some site. Thank you.
Tina b asks: i am trying to find out how to fix the brakes on a mongoose m200 scooter, and i cant find anything online about it please help.Thanks
Jennifer k asks: my batter charger broke a year ago and i wanted to no where can i buy another on
Dillon asks: wer do i find the exact batery and can i us other baterys that have the same vult
John N asks: does Mongoose still make scooters and where can I get them?
Lorie asks: Where can I purchase a new 12 volt battery for my mongoose scooter
Jonathan P asks: My charger is akting up it is flashing red and green all the time. I replased the oled charger last year and it worked fine and after the winter the scooter was not holding charge.If you can help me please do.
Cody S asks: My mongoose m200 doesn't hold a charge and when I try the throttle when its plugged in it runs very weak. Does it need a new battery?
Jeff asks: skooter will not work when the charger is disconnected from the skooter, skooter works when the charger is plugged in and charging. replaced controller, batteries tested good. Could it be the motor? Fuse is good mongoose m200
Juan h asks: Where I can buy the charger battery hp1202b for mongoose
Dave S asks: The chain on our Mongoose M350 keeps coming off every time my child rides over a ****p. Is there any way to tighten the chain by moving the motor or the rear axle?
John b asks: when our mongoose is plugged in the motor will run but when we unplug it will do nothing
Ruth t asks: what is the weight limit on an electric scooter like the m200
Jeff L asks: I bought a mongoose scooter at a garage sale, nice bike, I plug in the charger and charge it for several hours, and it does not run. It runs when it is pluged in. I checked the batteries atBatteries plus, and they said they were good. Wheels turn very fast when the charger is plugged in, when it is unplugged the wheel does not turn.
Jim t asks: where can you find a back tire for a mongoose m250?
John p asks: how fast do does a m350 run
Lori H asks: Not Charging. Would it be Charger or Battery I own a Mongose M350 we've had it for about 3 years. Wasn't used all Winter and now wont take charge. REcently divorced and no man around to help figure this out. What do you think
Solange C asks: where can I buy the charge for my daughter electric scooter Mongoose M 350? I am located in Miami, Flordia. do you have a dealer to sell the scooter charge in Miami, FL?
Bella K asks: I run a recycling center in central Mass and a lady dropped off a Mongoose...but what model is it? the serial number is ACA03L045806. It's red with a stainless steel running board. It has provision for a seat but one is lacking. I attempted to charge the battery with a solar panel but as I can only get it up to about 13 volts I am suspecting one cell is toast. Can I test the motor safely by supplying 24 VDC from 4 6volt golf cart batteries?
Kathy R asks: When I turn my scooter on, a green light comes on but my scooter doesn't run. When I plug the battery charger into my scooter, a green light flashes continuously. I checked the fuse and it's o.k. I have a Mongoose Pro M250. Would you help me diagnose the problem? Your response would be more than greatly appreciated! Thank you, Kathy Rierson
Max d asks: on my mongoose m-200 charger the light flashes red. does this mean there is something wrong with the charger or the scooter?
Kevin R asks: how do i hook up the batteries?
Paula W asks: When we turn the scooter switch on, the fuse blows right away. We've replaced the fuse countless times & it just keeps blowing. Thanks ahead of time for your help!
James w asks: how can I get a service manual for an m350
Lucas G asks: What is the wattage on the Mongoose M350 electric scooter MOTOR?
Kristina w asks: Thanks for the last reply. i did get a charger and it works great. but now i have the problem of the throttle stuck open. you turn it on and its takes off without you...
Eric b asks: where can i get view the various models so that i can identify my mongoose scooter?it is in storage and i dont know the model number
Kristina w asks: the battery is reading 16v, green light is on but nothing is happening...
Luis S asks: HEllo I bought an used mongoose m200, evrythingh looks well but the speed is very low, throttle is also ok, but it seems the motor can't reach higher speeds. I think maybe batteries may be too old and ran out, (two fullriver 12V10Ah/20Hr) Does it help if I change the batteries for new ones? Many Thanks!
Doug N asks: We have a rocket FS electric scooter and the chain is so loose it keeps coming off. How do you tighten the rear wheel to tighten the chain?.
Lance N asks: I need a place to fix the back tire. It is flat and I made need a new tire. But noone says they fix them. Motor cycle shops, Sports Chalet, mom and pop shops. I cannot find anyone who will fix it. Where do I go?
David c asks: I don't used for one year my scooter M350 because we don't have the charger , I need a charger what is the price and the batteries are Ok after that time. thanks
Pablo A asks: Where can I buy a new motor and do you know if I can have one with a better performance
Sharon C asks: I need to order a replacement front wheel assembly. Where can I do this? Thanks.
Jared s asks: Why wont my scooter turn off?
Claire m asks: i have replaced battery 2 times and the scooter does not work. i would like to have company repair--please advise--model m350
Mike m asks: i need a wiring diagram for the batteries please
Allison f asks: when you are charging it is it spose to be on or off?
Jordan R asks: How do I put the brakes together on my mongoose m200?
Alison M asks: Where can we get our mongoose 350 scooter repaired in central or western NJ?
Randy J asks: I just acquired a m200, I charged it over night and it turned on but when I turn the throtle to go the motor didn't engage. What could that be?
James e asks: my back wheel is broken on my m200. is it worth fixing or cheaper to purchase a new one? where do i send it?
Travis W asks: My Mongoose M350 charges but i dont know if its fully or not because no matter how long i let it charge the light never turns green
Martin asks: Where can I find a battery for a Mongoose M200 in L.A? P.S I've tried the internet and could not find one.
Gilbert s asks: i have a mongoose m200 and im getting power to my on\off switch, and battery i fully charged. when i turn switch on light comes on but i get no power the the wheels... needs help please..
Virginia Centi C asks: After charging, the scooter indicates it's charged, but loses power immediately.
Paul v asks: my scooter will not charge. when i plug it in to the charger the light on the scooter would illuminate. I plug it in for 10 hours. turn on ther power switch and there is nothing. I check all battery connections and they were good. what should i do?
Junko W asks: What is the weight limit for a Mongoose M350?
Juan z asks: do you guys sell m350 electric mongoose scooter batteries
Mike D asks: Hello, I recently was given a mongoose m350 , and was wondering how to charge it. Does the switch have to be on or off? How long does it take to charge? what is the difference between slow charge and fast charge? Thanks!
Michael A asks: I have two Mongoose scooters that need repair. Is there a place in Austin Texas that can fix my scooters
Mark T asks: Where in Dallas Texas can I go to a store and let my child pick out a scooter to buy?
Ian O asks: how to fix the back tire after it fell off on a mongoose M250
Randy T asks: Is there a repair manual available for the M250
Joseph B asks: My mongoose m350 was fully charged and was riding it and it cut out no power and them started up again and now it is not working at all. can you help?
Lance L asks: I believe my sons brakes are going out on my sons Mongoose 350 scooter. Do you have to replace the whole brake assembly or the small pads..and how do you do it?
Scott asks: my scooter isn't charging, the charger light blinks red. is the charger bad?
Jared S asks: do i need a key to start a mongoose M350?
Judy asks: How do I reconnect electric line to the throttle?
Marla W asks: The scooter won't hold a charge. It will move as long as it is plugged in, but once you take it off the charger, it's dead. Could you give some insight, please?
Michael l asks: can a 1000 watt upgrade fit on a m2oo mongoose
John b asks: just bought used m350 with know instr. manual.Does power switch need to be on when chargin?Does not charge when off.
Jackie asks: Where can I find batteries for a mongoose scooter in houston, tx?
Rafael Marte asks: I need the rear tire (Wheel?) for a mongoose m150 electric scooter. Where can I get one?
David L. Esquibel asks: Where can I find replacement parts online for my son's Mongoose M150 electric scooter.
Julia asks: Where can I have my Mongoose Electric Scooter Repaired in Tucson, Arizona?
Carol Frnaklin asks: can i get a new fast/slow charger for my son's scooter it has a model # of HP1202B on it. If so where and how much?
Anthony asks: how to fix my m200 electric scooter
Mark asks: Where can I purchase mongoose scooters in Melbourne Australia
Stewart Carswell asks: where is the best place to get parts
Helen Ann asks: the scooter, which is a year old, no longer holds a charge. Is it a simple fix of a new battery? also, can I buy a seat to install if there is a hole for it?
Dee asks: How do I repair the breaks on a Mongoose M350 I took them apart to fix another part and now I don't know how to put them back on. Please Help!
John asks: The charger light on my Mongoose scooter is green and the motor runs while plugged in to the outlet, but it does nothing at all when unplugged.
Catherine Brueggemann asks: Where can I find parts for scooters (battery charger) for a Mongoose scooter that I purchased. I live in Walton, KY 41094 Thanks!
C. Crawford asks: When I turn my Mongoose scooter on, it just takes off. In order to make it stop, I have to turn the power switch off. You can turn the throttle but nothing happens. What is wrong with it? I don't live near any cities, and can't find a Mongoose scooter repair person around here. Can you help? The nearest city is Burlington, VT.
Stan asks: We have a bad motor on our Mongoose M350 scooter. All of the repair shops listed on the referenced web site do not work on motors or anything electric. Where can we get this fixed?
Dave asks: The back wheel on my Mongoose scooter is bent. Where can I buy a Mongoose scooter wheel?
Sarah asks: The motor on my Mongoose scooter broke. Where can I get a new Mongoose scooter motor?
DAVE RAGASE asks: I lost the battery charger for my Mongoose scooter and I need to buy a new one.
Steve Havel asks: When my Mongoose M350 scooter is turned off the indicator light stays on and it will run as if it was on. As a result my new Mongoose M350 scooter does not maintain a charge very long. This unit was purchased 8/6/05.
Mike McWilliams asks: I cannot find a particular part for my Mongoose scooter. It looks like it would be called the chain tensioner but is not adjustable. There are 1 on each side of the rear wheel and the axle nut fits over it.
George asks: When charging my Mongoose M250, charger flashes green light at start of charging and never stops flashing. The batteries do not seem to fully charge. The voltage reads 24.6.
Eryka asks: I need to find local repair shop near Dallas, Texas to have the throttle repaired on my Mongoose scooter...please help.
Sergio asks: The back tire on my Mongoose scooter doesn't have a valve stem sticking out...how do I take off the back tire?
Kevin Ebrom asks: Where can i get my Mongoose scooter repaired in houston?
Steven asks: Where can i purchase a battery charger for the Mongoose M350 electric scooter?
Robert asks: How to replace a back tire on a Mongoose M250 electric scooter?
Michael Peters asks: I need to find spokes for the rear wheel of a Mongoose M200 Electric Scooter and need to know how to take the wheel apart to replace them?
Mark asks: How do I tighten the chain on my Mongoose M200 Scooter?
Teresa Menchaca asks: Were can I have my Mongoose scooter repaired? Near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area would be optimal.
Thomas Fining asks: I need a new escooter part for my Mongoose escooter. How much does a new Mongoose M350 motor cost?
Robb asks: Hi, my mongoose m250 will not hold its charge. After one of my rides i smelled smoke, also the scooter seemed to accelerate on and off by itself. I opened it only to find 2 of the wires melted. i put the wires back together. That solved my problem for a short periode of time. About a week or 2 later i went to take it out only to find it not working. When i plug it it the charger says it is fully charged. The green light indicating that the scooter is on will only come on if the charger is in. I have tried a new battery and nothing will work Please help.
Roy Myracle asks: I have a tire problem with a mongoose scoter and was wondering if there is a local service place near where I live. I live in Newburgh IN 47630.
K. Chance asks: I need to find the nearest scooter repair shop in my area for a folding mongoose scooter, Model MS-216.
Gene asks: I have a mongoose M200. If I upgrade the motor from a 180 W mongoose scooter motor to a 450 W or 600 W, will it have any impact on battery life? Do I also need to upgrade the batteries or will the factory installed batteries be OK?
Jay Coplon asks: I have a mongoose M250 and need instructions on how to replace the back tire and tube. I have the parts but can't get the back wheel off.
Brett May asks: Where can i get a new charger for my mongoose m350 scoter and for around what price? (my old electric scoter charger which is now broken is the model HP1202B and has an input of 100-120volts, 60Hz, and 70VA- its output is 24volt, 2amp, and has a XLR)
Andy Conig asks: My grandson has a Mongoose M-200 scooter and is in need of a Mongoose scooter part, specifically a set of new Mongoose scooter batteries. The original equipment is a Fullriver HGL 10-12. Kindly suggest a place where I can buy Mongoose scooter parts.
Roy Myracle asks: We have a mongoose m250 e-scooter. This morning our Mongoose e-scooter was charged and the light on the charger was lit/ the e-scooter was riden today and when it was plugged into the e-scooter the light saying it was charging would not come on and the Mongoose e-scooter is recieving no charge. Is this a charger problem or a battery problem? Our mongoose m250 e-scooter is less than six months old and who should I contact reguarding replacement e-scooter parts?
MARTha asks: What would it take to upgrade a Mongoose M200? What motors/prices are available? Are there any other upgrades like a better battery pack, controller, etc.
Charles Laudenslager asks: When I try to charge my Mongoose scooters the chargers keep blinding and will not put a charge in the batteries. The batteries are alright, I took them to a place to have them tested and they were OK. They told me that the chargers were bad. Now I have two Mongoose scooters that I can not charge. Can you please help me?
Daniel Bates asks: I need to have the rear tire repaired on a Mongoose Pro Cosmic. I live in Austin, TX. Where would I bring it for service.
Patrick Caldie asks: Where can I get my Mongoose electric scooter repaired? I have broken spokes on the back tire.
Peg asks: My battery doesn't stay charged very long. What can I do to increase the time. It is new.
Tyler S asks: I need to replace the motor controller for a Q Chariott (36v, 180watt x 2). Any help
Vaughn Ramsey R asks: I live in Reno, NV. and would like to know where I can get my chariot worked on?
Sylvia B asks: Is there a place locally that I can buy a relay for a Q transport electric scooter?
Donna r asks: Where can I obtain a new charger and adapter for the sunbird electric bike?
Roger p asks: wiring diagram for sunbird
Everett P asks: I have a Reflexx electric scooter. I need a replacement battery (24.0V, 2x12V) please tell me where I can get one. See link for model. http://www.electricrider.com/docs/reflexx_manual.pdf
Kay asks: I just bought a used one and I need a charger for it and also a key? Where can I purchase these things? Is there a store in or near long beach, ca. Get back to me asap. I want to get it up and running for work on monday.
Bryan p asks: I have a E36 Great White and I recentally went up a hill at about a 25 degree angle. After i got up the hill, it smelt like it was hot. so i let it cool off for a little and then i rode it again. well when i was riding it at full speed, it just died. there was also about a 75% charge left in it. i tried to re-wire the throttle but it just wont go. is there any solution to this problem?
Jim s asks: were can i get a new front wheel for a q electric chariot, i need just the rim, not the hub or motor, or tire
Heidi H asks: We have an electric chariot...it is my daughter's. She has misplaced the charger (no suprise) I have no idea what it looks like as I tear the house apart. Do you have the model number or a photo to help guide me and/or a place I can purchase a replacement if I can't find it? Thanks so much! She really loves it but can't use it. Heidi
Matt T asks: i was wondering how to wire the scooter?
Bill Walker asks: I just received my Rad2Go scooter. Does the battery have to be Charged? Their is a 110 Volt Cord Female Plug hanging under the Machine. Please Explain what it is for. Is the Electric Motor in the Wheels? Your Operaters Manuel is not Detailed Enough.
Juanita Van Buren asks: Why is the warranty period so much shorter than the Go Ped Scooter warranty. I would assume the anwser may be due to the quality of the product?? I want to purchase a scooter that will not stop working after a month or two. We encountered a problem wherein the batteries would not keep a charge; purchasing new batteries on more than one occasion did not solve the problem either.
Bob T asks: My son has the Rad2Go Tiger Shark, and crashed it, breaking the throttle assembly. When could I have this repaired in the NY/CT area?
Chris asks: What is the top speed of the new Rad2Go Sunbird 350 watts, looking to get a round quickly.
Steve Mastenbrook asks: I purchased my rad2go silverfox online and shortly after my purchase rad2go stopped producing and servicing the silverfox. I would like to know who to contact for parts and service for the Rad2Go Silver Fox?
Alex Clause asks: Who makes the Reflexx scooter and what battery charger can i get to replace the one i lost?
James asks: I'm considering buying the Great White with a seat from Rad2Go, but I want a scooter that is water resistant. Is the Great White scooter resistant to water? And what kind of warranty does the electric motor have?
LYNN CREAMER asks: I ordered a Rad2go electric bike in JULY from a company named Unbeatablesale.com. I understand that it takes 7 to 10 days for delivery. It had been almost a month and I still did not have the bike. To make a long story short the bike was delivered on the 17th of August. The bike has no 2nd battery under the seat, the handle bars are bent, and there are no tools to put it together with. I ordered this bike for my brother who is partially disabled. He needs it to get back and forth to work at the Humaine Society in St. Augustine, Florida. He is a seat Christian man who loves animals and he was very disappointed when the bike had so many problems. Can you help?
Cameron asks: Where can you buy Rad2Go scooters in Canada?
Dale Reichert asks: The Q Electric Chariot is rated at 250 lbs. transport capacity. I weigh exactly 250 lbs. Will this create any serious problems?
Susan E. Taylor asks: Can I get downloadable repair instructions for my Rad2Go scooter?
Kim asks: I just bought a used Rad2Go ZZ Cruiser electric scooter and I need a instruction manuel. How can I get one? How often should the battery be replaced?
Richard Janis asks: I am looking for a battery and battery box for an escooter. The original battery and battery box were returned as they were delivered damaged when I received the new scooter. The vendor unfortunately went bankrupt and did not ship out the replacement. The escooter was manufactured in China. Scooter Wizard (the vendor) referred to it as a "GAIA" escooter which was manufactured by IION Motors. I recall there was a different manufacturer's name on the instruction manual. My recollection is that the manufacturer was a major Chinese electric bike company. The escooter looks like the Rad2Go sunbird. The Gaia escooter delivers a maximum speed of 23 MPH and a range (per charge) of 27 Miles. It has a True Rated Power of 350W.
Martin asks: Does the Rad2Go Sunbird electric bicycle have a web site? If so, what is it?
Ned E. Cole asks: Where can I get replacement batteries for the Rad2Go Sunbird Electric Scooter?
Karen M asks: how long does it take to charge the r2 stealth electric scooter
Sheila H asks: why is the green light on and showing as full charge when in fact it is dead?
Dawn K asks: where can I take mine for repair in the baltimore area.
Monica P asks: I am looking for a scooter for my 8 year old grandaughter. Which model would you suggest. They live on a slight hill - so need something with enough power to go up hill. Thanks for your help!
Lance G asks: How do you tighten the chain for Schwinn missile FS scooter?
Edmond S asks: What kind of license do I need to drive a 2006 S-750 Schwinn scooter? According to the California DMV, the driver of a scooter with a speed of less than 20 MPH and less than 1000 watts of motor power does not need a license. I got a ticket for riding the scooter without a license, but when I showed the judge the DMV print-out and the scooter's manual the response was that the manufacturer's description was not accurate and I was guilty of driving without a license. Does this sound abnormal, or am I missing something? Thanks!
Victor H asks: What causes the clicking sound in the rear of my Schwinn Stealth 1000? I had read where it could be a tooth/teeth that are chipped in the gear assembly? What do you think?
Michael A asks: where to find a local repair shop
Todd B asks: When charging the battery do you leave the switch on the scooter in the on position or off.
Dennis R asks: where can I find a owners manual.
Patrick F asks: where can I have the wires (on handlebars) repaired in So. NH?
Bob c asks: Where do I find a replacement controller for my Schwinn electric Stingray bike?
Micheal h asks: where can i get my scooter repair i live in hampton newport news va.
Roy N asks: How do i find the governor on my 09 schwinn 50 cc scooter? and how do i take it off or adjust it?
John p asks: i had no luck finding a controller that has eight wires to the motor is there a scooter controller that could fit my schwinn elictric stingray bike with a 20 inch wheel hub motor I have had zero luck locating one that is easily plugged in so I will cut and splice if need be
Jim H asks: Where can I get Schwinn electric scooters repaired in the Birmingham, AL area?
Doug S asks: What colors does the schwinn 650 come in
Jim C asks: indicating a full charge but dies when i remove the charger
Andrew A asks: I have a stealth 1000, I was riding it charged when it died. When I turn it on or turn on when charging , a click , click, sound happens by battery. It will not turn on now. It is fully charged.
Rachele n asks: I have 2 500series scooters. Both batteries will not charge from 2 different chargers. I am not sure if they need new batteries or new chargers?
Christopher c asks: i have a older model SCHWINN QUALITY MISSILE FS and i need rims for the back and front of the bike, they are spoked rims, do i need to use spoked wheel frams or can i use something eles, it looks like their 12 and half size frame for both, so if you could help, i live here in vero beach florida i need to know where to go to get the wheel frame from or where to bring the scooter to, i called the 1-800 number and they said this scooter is out dated so wasnt sure what to use for a wheel frame please help. thank you christopher carroll 1455 90th ave lot 291 vero beach florida 32966 772-778-8072
SUE C asks: My parents brought over a SCHWINN QUALITY MISSILE FS for me, That they had gotten from their friends, the thing is it needs a back wheel rim, the spokes are all coming apart from it, I called the number on the bike they said it was OUT DATED and couldnt get the parts, can you please help me find this back wheel rim, this is all i need, unless i can use something eles instead of the spoked rim and a different rim. please help call me please 772-778-8072
Jimmy s asks: is there a retail outlet that sells battery chargers for the model s500
Ian f asks: Schwinn Electric Scooter Model S-400. I would like to know the most miles you can get and the weight limit on it.
Mark asks: I was recently given a used Schwinn S180 and it rode fine at first but after I charged the batteries (green light on charger) the scooter no longer works. There is a green light on the Scooter when turned on but no power. Should I buy a new battery pack?
Ben J asks: How long do i charge my S 350 electric scooter?
Jack j asks: my battery pack for my 750 electric scooter wont charge or work at all, ive tried to fix it, and nothing is wrong with it :( and i cant afford a new battery.
Jason asks: were can i find a seat of brakes for my scoter.
Sharon e asks: Where can I purchase an electric scooter similar to a 2008 4.0 in Cincinnati, Ohio?
Linda T asks: turn signals briefly light up when switched on, but then dont blink. is this a fuse?
Zac S asks: i have a S350 Electric Scooter and I lost the sprocket.I need to know the sprocket tooth size so I can order a new one
Jenny d asks: do you know where I can take my schwinn 1000 scooter for repair in marietta ga or atlanta ga?
Taylor asks: were can you buy a charger near lawreinceville for a schwinn 500
Sam p asks: need to find out exatly how to put on new break line?
Angela m asks: We have the Quality 350 model. After fully charding it the green light comes on bright but it wont do anything at all once turned on. Can ya give me some ideas. Mom trying to be dad here. Thanks so much!
Doris b asks: Where isthe nearest location for me to take my scooter for repair. My zip code is 66442.
Warren f asks: it will not run !!!
Damita B asks: I have a Schwinn s 400 and the chain fell off. Can it be fixed and if so.. how?
Patricia D asks: why when my charger reads full, it doesn't ride? I will charge it, but when I try to ride it it will go to empty every 30 seconds and then stop altogether.
Brad S asks: I had to change the rear tire on my sons S500 but don't recall how to reassemble. Please advise.
R asks: Where is the bwst deal for schwinn rear wheels?..
Darrell L asks: What year was the Schwinn missile FS made? And what did they sell for? Thank you
Travis w asks: will a schwinn s350 rear wheel fit a schwinn s180
Dan p asks: i want to know where i can get a complete shop manual for my 50cc campus
Lisa M asks: I lost the owner's manual for my sons skooter and not sure how or where on the scooter where to charge
Kim K asks: where can I get it repaired in Dubuque, IA
Leslye S asks: I need to find a repair shop to install a new battery and generally check over the working condition of my S750. I live near Fort Worth, Texas 76028
Ed Maschler asks: I need to replace the left had brake lever with the motor shutoff. Do you know where I can find that part.
Lynn r asks: i have a schwinn lightning fs 2.0 electric scooter.i don't have the manual-while trying to charge it the light on the charger blinks red?i'm not sure if the charger is shot or the battery gave out.i would like to see if i could still buy a charger and/or a battery?if so-need to know where and approximately how much they are.thank you
Clifton C asks: I bought my son a s 400 last Christmas and now it will not run. When you turn on the switch it will not do anything but the battery has a charge and the fuse is good. The battery indicator will not come on either when the on/off switch is flipped.
MARY D asks: where can I get information on the R2 stealth electric scooter?
Tyler s asks: i need a sprocket for a s500-cd schwinn electric scotter
Taylor N asks: My scooter is charged. When I flip it on...it turns on and the light turns on, but when I pull the handle to go...it doesn't move.
Steve S asks: How do I tighten the chain? It falls off often.
Tiffany J asks: I just bought a s-400 today for my daughters birthday. It had somewhat of a charge when I bought it, so my daughter rode it into the garage and I hooked up the charger. Hours later I checked it and the green light was on. So I unplugged it and turned the scooter on, and got nothing, no lights on the meter thing, and it would not go. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!
Stacey H asks: I just recently bought a used Schwinn s350, the wiring seems to be a wreck. Could you please send me a schematic for it. I don't know how old it is, but the seriel #ACA03LO37889
Candi P asks: I bought my son a Schwinn electric scooter last Xmas in Australia, It wont charge even with new charger. Can you tell me where i can take it to be repaired. I live in Surrey.
Alvin A asks: Myy question regarding Schwinn Scooters is....How do you know when your charger is not charger. Can it be tested?
James asks: can i ride my electric Schwinn Scooter on te road whene i am 14
Dee asks: my scooters is slow at 1st it was fast then it just start 2 get slow over about a month what is wrong
Steve P asks: concerning a 20" Schwinn electric chopper. The lights on the throttle are all lit, battery seems charged, fuse is good, motor does not seem to work. I have replaced the controller on the bike once already but I am not sure if this is the problem again. The Ananda controller is hard to find. Please help
Fred R asks: I bought my Schwinn electric scooter S500 on Jan. 12-2008. I brought it outside for my daughter to ride last week. Usually I would give it to her and let her go, but for some reason I rode it first. The throttle felt a little strange and to my suprise it got stuck. I was able to lift it up and flip the switch off. Thank God! This could have been a very bad story. It seems that the throttle is bad.Now I see it only has a 90 day warranty. I have not contacted a dealer yet.I bought it at Walmart and I am almost sure they wont be able to help me. Do you have any suggestions? Has there been any other reports about throttle sticking? recalls, etc? I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Ken w asks: when I start to ride my battery powers down
Al R asks: have a missle FS that does not seem to want to charge fairly new batteries .. is there any way to test the batteries and/or charger before launching out for new batteries ... anything else I should check? Thanks for your time and consideration
Joe Torres asks: Motor keeps running all light are on whats wrong?
Julie g asks: why is my scooter saying it is fully charged but is not moving when i turn it on and give it power?
Susan P asks: son's scooter S500 CD is 2 to 3 mos. old. When riding it and he presses brake it stops running and won't turn back on for 2 to 3 minutes.
Jack W asks: What do I do if my s-400 scooter doesn't charge? How can I fix it?
Don D asks: I have replced the batteries and charger also the throtle, but the scooter still only runs for a minute or two. It is a 500 and is there any one near me that repairs these?
George T asks: where can i get a repair manual for a schwinn 49cc campus scooter?
Carol z asks: How do I change the rear tire on a stealth model 1000? The bearing is off one axle but will not come off the left side. Can we remove the wheel from the motor assembly to change the tire? Do we have to remove the entire wiring harness to take the motor and wheel to a shop simply to have the tire changed?
Matt R asks: The chain on my son's Schwinn S350 keeps falling off, is there an adjustment?
Matt L asks: I was wondering if you could agust the chain on a s350 schwinn ouality electric scooter.
Sally H asks: what is the difference between IZiP 650 Electric Scooter and Schwinn 650 Electric Scooter
Elaine l asks: my scooter runs all the time, the throttle does not control it, unplug throttle and scooter still runs
Renee V asks: I am looking for a key switch to relace the on/off switch on my Schwinn Missle FS electric scooter. And ... is it okay to ride this on the sidewalk? It doesn't go all that fast, and I don't even pass bicyclists.
William K asks: where is the nearest repair shop for electric scooters. My zip cose is 03055
Jason M asks: my scooter dies in more than half the time that it used to! I would like to know how to order another battery, and if my scooter is compatible for a bigger battery?
Barbara L asks: I have a Schwinn Stealth 1000. My battery does not seem to hold a charge as long as it should. I can barely get 3 miles on it. It wasn't like that when I first bought it two months ago
Susan H asks: My son has a s350 scppter,After 3 weeks it started smoking and will not hold a charge, No one at schwinn has help me I do not have a manuel and I thought with a name like schwinn I wouldnt have a problem getting help but sadly I was wrong Please can u help
Melody C asks: I have a Schwinn Electric scooter and the scooter does not charge any longer. Im not sure if the charger or the battery is needing replaced. Have you had this happen to others in the past? The charger model number is KY-05048S-29
Karim V asks: How to change the rear tire and tube
Lee Ann L asks: we recently purchased a used Schwinn model (Missile FS?) that has 2 brand new batteries. My neighbor checked the charge & says it is fully charging but it will only go about 100 yds and die. The charge lite on the charger does not light up.What might we be doing wrong, or need to replace, or test to see what's going on? thank you!
Cory E asks: I have a schwinn s350 and a friend brought me 2 12volt batteries HK-6FM20.0(12V 20.0Ah/20 HR brand name is HKbil(Hong Kong Batteries Ltd) can I use these for my scooter?
Nick D asks: How do you tighten the handlebars?
Marie e asks: i have a S350 Electric Scooter and I lost the sprocket.I need to know the sprocket tooth size so I can order a replacement. Please advise for both front and back sprockets. Thank you.
Bill d asks: how do you repair the rear tire on the 350 model i really just need to know how to replace the tube without popping the tire
Alice B asks: I am looking for a lead acid battery charger Model # SBC24-02B5l for our Schwinn scooter and approximate cost Thanks Alice.
Mark M asks: Repair centers near Hazleton, Pa. 18201
Susie s asks: how do you make a schhwinn s500 go faster
Kevin s asks: where is the best place for parts
Michael k asks: i left scooter charged for 2 days speed indicator dosent come on at all
Yo J asks: Can you send me the Currie 24 Volt 25A (22A) 3-Pin Controller wiring? what is each connector usage? and the wiring? Connectors: 1. White connector with two wires - blue and green. 2. White connector with three wires - red, green, and black. 3. White connector with two wires - black and red. 4. Black connector with two wires - black and red.
RICHARD E asks: what is most powerful electriscooter made by schwinn??
John v asks: the schwinn Missile FS. has a bearing inside the rear sprocket,on the motor, one way it drives the unit, the reverse is free wheeling,when I engage the throtle the motor runs but the bike goes no where . please advise but I can take the motor off the bike , an it turns , as thro its in gear.but free in reverse.....
Sandra t asks: i have a stealth 1000 where can i get repair on this.
Athos D asks: I just received my scooter last night. I noticed that the rear tire came flat in the box so i assumed that it came like that so this morning i went to the gas station and put some air in it. I had a ride for a bout 1.5 miles and went to work but when i came back to ride home the rear tire was flat again. Is my rear tire bad or can this happen from over inflation
Bob t asks: where can i buy you're old red schwinn with the basket
Michael k asks: the police in wi said i cant ride it on the side walk
Lee a asks: its getting power to everything ,but will not move changed the little box that gives juice but no luck does the trottle ever break down
Curtis W asks: My S600 was plugged into an electrical outlet when the house was flooded due to a new roof installation that was only 10% complete when the storm hit. The scooter no longer works and the battery and electrical system appears to have been directly affected by this. Water ran through the electrical out where the scooter was plugged in. I need a technician to check it out or have someone provide the replacement value of it for the insurance company. Can you do both for me? I'm located in Lawrenceville, GA at 1282 Hamlet Court.
Doug P asks: Where can I download an owners manual for a Schwinn S600 electic scooter?
Mitch W asks: i just got a schwinn scooter from my mom;'s friend and the power turns on, but the charge shows half... i dont think this is the problem though, because the problem is when i turn the throttle it doesnt move at all
Jason W asks: I have a Schwinn 500CD electric scooter. My battery charger's light stop working yesterday, but when I check the charger conecter, it still have electric pass thru when I plug in. Is the charger really died? Can I keep using the charger? And do I need to check anything to make sure is just the light indicater died? How do I know if the bettery is fully charged?
KIM F asks: My son has the E400 and his chain has come off for the 2nd time. It is 4 months old. THe first time it was only a few weeks old and the store gave us new one. I need it get it repaired. A $300 scooter should last more than 4 months. Where can I take it. I live close to Blue Island and Oak Lawn, IL
Josh s asks: how long do i charge my s350 schwinn electric scooter
Cindy S asks: I'm looking for a repair shop. What's the best way to start my search?
Steven Lester asks: how to adjust the brakes if they are squeling
Zeborah m asks: Where can I find an s350 motor and a manual.
Bailey g asks: Should the light on my schwinn s350 scooter come on when the scooter is charging
STEVE a asks: I can't get the scooter to stop running after engaging the throttle. The only way I can get it to stop is to turn it off.
Sandra H asks: I have purchased (2) of the Schwinn ElectroDrive S500- CD and I need to purchase replacement batteries for them I have no Idea how to find them I have looked on the internet and find no one services these scooters anymore any Idea?
Mike R asks: My Schwinn Missle Fs scooter i got from a friend stopped working. I replaced the 40 amp fuse, but the battery doesn't seem to hold the charge. What now?
Daniel T asks: When i try to charge it it dont charge the red light indecate that the batt is low an green supose to mean chared but whene i plug it the light is already green what do you think is the problem
Don D asks: I just replaced the batteries on my daughters S500 but it still olny runs a few 100 feet
Ljubica s asks: my son owns schwinn elecrtic scooter that needs to be repaired. We live in Greece NY. Where is nearest repair schop located? Thank You
Chris A asks: How do I make my s500 go faster?
LLOYD B asks: I scooter will not run and I suspect the throttle as I read 1.5k between the red and yellow wires and nothing to the green wire. Do you think my diagnosis is correct? I would also like a wiring diagram for the scooter if it is available. Thank you, Lloyd Bredernitz
Josh o asks: should u keep an s400 on charger even if its green
Jason B asks: I need to get an owners manual for SCHWINN Sting Ray 1000 Electric Scooter. I need to know how to hook the batteries back up
Jennifer G asks: I will highly discourage any friends of mine from buying anything Schwinn from now on. I bought a brand new S4.0 2008 model and the damn thing doesn't charge right. the box says "do not return to store", and Schwinn offers no support what-so-ever. How many people have you come across with this same situation? According to my research there's too many to count.
A p asks: what is the max speed of a schwinn s-350
Bill O asks: I just bought a 2007 Schwinn s400 (new) and was wondering why they discontinued the model and if it is a good scooter. The battery was dead when I got it home (the store replaced it with a new one)Other than that it seems like a good scooter. There arn't many around and there isn't much information on them (quality, speed,battery problems etc.)Any thought on this scooter is appreciated. Thanks
David m asks: How do ou change the back tire
Ricky D asks: my daughters s500 has a throttle that is not working properly. when you turn on the switch it wants to take off and you can turn the throttle 1/2 way and it turns off. IT is approx 2 years old. Is there a diagram that could show me how to get into the throttle handle so I can try to fix it?
Andrew d asks: What type of sprocket do i need for a schwinn s750 2006
Sharon S asks: I have lost the book on my Schwinn S350electric scooter and I cannot get the battery to charge I took the battery out of the case and the black ground wire is off and I don't know how to put it back together
Nadine c asks: i brought my son a schwinn scooter for christmas last year. now its not working.
Austin N asks: how do you put the battery in the schwinn s350 in?
Scott W asks: I have the S-400 for my daughter and the battery is fully cherged and the light shows up green but, when you try to give it some throttle the motor does not respond.
Ross C asks: We have an S180 electric sciooter that can't seem to hold a charge with its fairly new battery. The charger says it is full charged. However it really isn't charged at all. Can I get a repair or users manual with troubleshooting tips to try to fix? If so where can I download this information? I am a Mr. Fix -it guy where ever I can be. I really want to have a manual so I can fix issues as they arise.
Austin T asks: where do you buy a s-400 scooter battery
Davtd p asks: whencharging the s350 do you leave it on or off.
Kyle R asks: well my chain keeps coming off and my brother says its too lose so can u tell me how to tighten
Silvana b asks: does not run. I pluged it and it's full charged.
Calvin f asks: i purchaced an s150 scooter was a store model never used but it didnt come with an owners manual. how may i get one and what kinda of charger do i need as it dint come with that.
Regina T asks: were can I get a diagram for the electrical wiring in the Schwinn 180?
Lynne A asks: We bought a used Schwinn 500 Elec Scooter -- we charged it - it ran fine for a sort time -- now the throttle blinks between red & yellow light and motor does not run. We checked the battery and it's fine -- and the brake inhibitor switch and it seems to work okay -- wide voltage variations are found in the controller - any idea what is wrong?
Char asks: how can I tell what year my S350 was made
Jennifer G asks: We bought this scooter yesterday, (the s4.0) charged it overnight, the green charge light said "full" and when we unplugged it for use the battery light was red and said "low". We plugged it back in the light was green and said full immediately. Then unplugged it and the light said low and red! What's the deal here!!! A BRAND NEW scooter. Thank you for your help I appreciate a speedy response. Jennifer (575) 635-8282
Jeff N asks: Can you provide a Mongoose M200 Wiring Diagram...I just picked one up from a friend and it's all in pieces...Can you help?
Tim M asks: How fast does a Schwinn S-400 go in mph?
Christal asks: To charge the battery on a schooter schwinn do you need to have the switch on.
Arie B asks: Need a throttle for a Cuurietech S350
Michael r asks: how to take the rear tire off the scoter
Matty v asks: does the s350 have use key to start? if not, is there an anti-theft mechanism?
Armando asks: can i ride it on side walks without regestry ect...?
Sharon P asks: What are the differences between the 750 and 1000 Stealth Schwinn electric scooters?
Kim G asks: I changed the battery on my scooter and it still will not start up.
Cheryl C asks: How do I change the rear tire on my Schwinn S500? Need instructions.
Chasity c asks: ny scooter will not hold a charge what can i do
Adriana s asks: I have a used schwinn scooter S350 and cannot find info about it. Where can I get an owners and parts manual? Is this an older model of scooters sold now?
Tyler o asks: i have an s400 and i cant get it to charge. i have rode it maybe 40 times.when i charge it my electric gauge thing just blinks the green yellow red. what can i do to fix it.
KINLEY R asks: i don't know how to charge my scwhinn s 500 scooter.
Collin M asks: Why won't my electric scooter turn on?
Andrew M asks: Battery is good but i dont have any indicator lights showing on the handlebar and mortor wont run any ideas?
Evelyn F asks: I charged the bike overnight and noticed that the battery was very not. I unplugged it, but the bike would not work. Plug it in and it works. What could be wrong? It is a S180
Kolton M asks: how do you put together the bake system on a Schwinn s350 electric scooter
Ladonna s asks: Where can I buy the hope scooter in Fort Worth Texas? ( or surrounding area)
Dondre asks: my scooter doesnt move any more we tryed a new batterie and it still doesnt work
Bobb d asks: how long are you supposed to charge a schwinn s350 for?
Maggie B asks: What store can i buy a s500 electric scooter?
Charlie B asks: I replaced the 12V 10A battiers and the batteries are holding a charge and the fuse is good. The scooter will no work. The green full light on the handle bars doesn't light up. Is there any other fuses?
Milda H asks: Is there a market where I can purchase a rearview mirror for my Sxhwinn S-400 electric scooter
Joe H asks: Are the batteries for my Schwinn S350 wired up in series - minus to plus and then the output wires off of the minus and plus terminals left open?
Irwin O asks: Do I have any way of getting my son's scooter repaired. The weld that connects the steering column to the base of the scooter gave out while one of my son's friends was riding it and caused him to tumble off.
Thomas D asks: i need a charger for modelLD8020 Mine doesn't work anymore would like to get one how much to send to me.
TONY HOANG P asks: I have a s350. When I connect the battery and turn it on the light turns green but doesn't run (prob low batteries duh). But when I plug in my charger, the charger light turns red but after about 15 min it will start blinking red (charger). What's going on?!
Herb R asks: My daughter's S 350 won't run. The charger shows a full charge, I tested the batteries and they tested ok. I even bought 2 new batteries, and still no luck. The handle bar indicator shows a full charge, but still no go. Even with the wheel up off the ground, it won't move at all. Any suggestions?
James j asks: i have tried to download a users manual for a 500cd.it starts to load the document,but then displays the messsage...network error occured while accessing this document on he internet. it says to contact the person who created this document.could somebody explain this problem
Mark M asks: I have an s-400 scooter than when it is turned on green light comes on, however, scooter doesn't go. Scooter is only 6 mos. old.
Ken P asks: My scooter shows that it is all charged. As soon as I go forward the light goes from green to red and it stops. Any ideas? I have metered it out and it shows that about 30V are coming into it. I just bought new batteries for my S350. Where can I get a manual for it too?
Lisa W asks: how can I contact the company to inform them of a problem with the kick stand. My daughter's ankle was caught by the kickstand and she now has 14 stitches. I just want them to be aware of how sharp that part is on the kickstand. Please send me a contact # or address. Thanks
Elizabeth B asks: I was wondering if you have a downloadable manuel and if not if the company could send me one... My organization was given 2 Schwinn 500 CD Electric Scooters as a donation but the manuels were no with them.
Jill asks: how can you tighten the chain? Ours keeps coming off.
Mark W asks: where can I find an on-line copy of the Owners Manual for the Schwinn 5-750 Electric Scooter?
Katherine Z asks: Where can I find a replacement basket for the Schwinn S350?
Kayla M asks: Where can I buy a New Frontier Schwinn electric scooter, in terms of stores and not online?
Alex b asks: the battery charges for a while and the power lite turns green but the scooter still wont run ive checked the fuse and everything wat shood i do?
Ferrell S asks: I have a schwinn 1000. It all of a sudden will not turn on. The batteries are good. The fuse checks out good. The on off switch checks out good. I am at a loss at this time. I live in Flowery Branch Ga close to Atlanta and can not find anyone that services schwinn. What shall I do. Please send me an e-amil. Thanks, Ferrell
Mary Ann c asks: How do I get an owner's manual for a schwinn s350?
Jeff E asks: Where is the nearest authorized Schwinn Scooter repair shop. My zip code is 92307.
Connie L asks: I bought 2 s-750 scooters. One will not work at all, anymore(aprox 8 months old) the other dies after 10 min of use. Where can I take it to have it looked at/repaired?
Brandon f asks: how do i make it go faster
Russ c asks: My grandaughter got a used s350 from a friend and it will not cahrge work at all. I contacted customer service and was told I should troubleshoot as described online before I order a new battery or chardger. I can not find the troubleshooting guide- where do I find online.
AJ S asks: need to purchase Schwinn part FB-045U - is this a resistor. Any dealers that has parts?
Crystal M asks: just got the scooter. The back wheel suddenly is locked and wont go even after recharching.
Travis k asks: My daughter took the batteries out of her s350 and I'm not sure how they are wired in because I never saw them together. I think she is missing a wire
Bobby T asks: My scooter battery has suddenly lost a lot of range and power, is there any way to regain the battery power? Thank You
Bruce C asks: Hi, I
Elisha G asks: The chain keeps coming off when you ride it. what can i do to fix this problem.
John T asks: Is it possible to get the electric scooter 650 in pink?
Lori A asks: how do I replace back tire of an S180 which is connected to the motor and chain??
Karyn I asks: How do I tighten the chain on my S350 scooter.
Shawn B asks: I have power but scooter will not move. The LEDs flash red yellow in the accelerator?
Brian C asks: I have two scooters and they both apparently have problems with the throttle. As soon as the power is turned on the scooter wants to take off. Also I am not able to charge the battery. Is the throttle my problem?
Shaun S asks: I have a Schwinn S180 FS Lightning 2.0 and haven't been able to use it for several years. My cousin destroyed the rear rim a month after buying it. Anyhoo, my dad was fixing it and passed away before he could fix it. I have no clue how to put it back together. I have read the manual but with out a photo of what it looked like, I am lost. PLEASE help.
Connie J asks: Where can I buy a rear rim?
Michelle j asks: the battery did not even last one year when my daughter received the scooter for her birthday. Why does the battery not hold a charge?
JULIE F asks: our battery won't seem to hold a charge for the electrodrive s600 scooter anymore... is a replacement battery available?
Kain b asks: When i charge my scotter it keeps flashing the lights what is wrong
Tim S asks: where is the fuse located on an s350 scooter and could this be the problem. It will run with the charger attached but without charger I get no power light.
Erica M asks: my scooter broke and i dont know what's wrong with it. Is there some way I can send it in to be fixed?
Philip p asks: After charging for about 6 hrs. The light on the charger turns from red to green. OK When I turn it on all three lights, red, green and amber blink at the same time. I have to turn it off and on again several times, then it turn to green and it will go. Thisa is after it has sat all winter. Thanks
Brendan B asks: my scooter does not charge and i was wondering if there is a part i need to replace or change
Daniel C asks: I need to see how the battery is wired, which wires go where. Someone worked on this one and I dont think it is right it is a schwinn s-350
Jack s asks: can i download a trouble shooting guide and a electrical wireing diagram for a schwinn model s180?
Tonya j asks: I have a s 180 electric scooter tha will not go. The power light comes on. When the charger is plugged in it goes fast with no one sitting on it. As soon as you sit on it . The bike does not go. You can hear a huming noise.
Laurie asks: I'm trying to find the manual for a Schwinn electric scooter that I bought a few years ago. I believe it is a S350
J A asks: need new battery for an S 500, need the specificatios of the batery and where to find it, THX
Julie B asks: I am in Lansing, Michigan, where can I have my electric scooter repaired?
Joe asks: The power light comes on and the wires are connected but when I turn the throttle nothing happens. Is there a troubleshooting guide available for my Schwinn 350?
Trent T asks: I have a Schwinn S350 that when you turn it on it will start to run by itself without using the throttle. What do I need to do to fix this problem. Is there a trouble shoot web site that will help me with this problem.
Jason S asks: when i first bought the schwinn new fronteir scooter it worked perfect but then it shut down we've tried ordering new parts but it doesnt seem to work what is wrong with it
Cameron T asks: how fast does it go
Cindy b asks: We purchased a schwinn s180,after 2 years it stopped working. We replaced the motor,it still didn't work. I have now replaced both batteries. It will work for about 30 seconds and it stops working again. Any ideas???????
Greg P asks: We have a flat back tire. Can I get it serviced in RI?
Danny D asks: As the scooter was charging in the basement it accidentally was knocked over on its side, the impact was minimal but the scooter will not run now. Is there some type of safety that was activated when it fell? I cannot see how this minor fall on its side would cause any significant damage.
Tom R asks: I have a S350 scooter and get a constant green light with the charger but there is barely any power to drive the motor.
Jessica m asks: i dont know what is wrong with this s350. it hasnt been used in like 3 years, I charged it for 7 hours, its said full charge, then i went maybe 10 feet and it said low battery and died. So i turned it off then back on again and it did the same thing. After that it said full charge and wouldent move, not even with the tire off the ground. Any suggestions?
Pam S asks: where can I take my scooter to for repair in the Houston West area?
Pat Williams asks: I liked your site.
Robert Ridgway asks: I broke the drive gear on the motor on my Stealth 1000! Is this a warranty issue.
Adam D asks: i got a s350 schwinn and i want to know how many pounds it can hold till it affects the speed 15mph
Vince g asks: is there a wiring diagram for battery installation & where do i find it?
Gary asks: where can i get a wiring diadram for a lightning scooter
Efrain G asks: Where can I find a repair manual for a schwinn S350
Lyman s asks: It will not hold an charge where do I take It.
Ivy B asks: where can i find a owners manual to my scooter
Kaitlin M asks: I need to know what i need to do to get my scooter back on... i think my grandpa left my scooter on for a whole day or longer and now it wont really charge up or come back on!! Whats wrong or what should I do???
Mark m asks: model s-400 3mo.old, after charging for several hours, scooter will not go,acts as if not charged.Green light is showing as scooter is being charged.
Jasmin asks: my scooters does not want to go i think the moter is broken or something and i charge it like 5 hrs and make it go but it does not go
Rino asks: battery will not charge . when switched on charger flashes from green to red a few times then stays on green
Efrain G asks: Where can I get an elctrical schematic for the S350
Sylvan E asks: How do you tighten the chain? Model S-180
Manny asks: I have a S500 for about a year or so, the battery charger will not change from the green led to the orange led charging mode. It does have 24vdc output but it does not seem to have the current to charge the battery which is about 20vdc. Can both be bad at the same time?
Daivd M asks: We have an electric SCHWINN S350 scooter. When I turn on the power switch, all three lights on the throtle come on, and stay on, but there is no power to the motor. What could cause this?
Paul H asks: I have rode my schwinn s350 for about a 1 and a half years and got it wet in the rain one time. Now, as soon as i turn on the scooter, it goes at full speed. I have replaced the fuse, and the fuse case. I'm wondering if you could help. thanks.
Richard M asks: Where is the closest authorized repair shop to Stafford, Virginia? Is Olde Town Bicycles located in Fredericksburg, Virginia one?
William C asks: My Daughter used it once after following directions from the start, then pluggged in to charge battery. Nextday she went to ride it but will not run. Battery indicator shows fully charged, checked fuse, it is good, stiil will not run. Could controller module be bad? Only had scooter 2 days and does not run.
Michael T asks: I have a S-400 and the batteries dont hold charge. Should they not be laying down on the side inside the scooter when charging? Where do I get help locally in Simi Valley CA?
Mahesh N asks: how does the S-300 rate against Izip and Razor E200 in reliability/problems etc?
Sameer a asks: that i have a Schwinn s350 i ended up getting flat tire in the rear but i don't know how to take it off. so can i get some instruction to take it off
Sharon asks: I have only rode my Schwinn once, and then the battery died after charging over 12 hours. I bought a second set of batteries and then I noticed the connector was broken on the battery. I have a red and two black wires. Does the short black wire go to a red terminal on one battery and a black terminal on the other battery. How can I trouble shoot the problem of no charge, and can I return the bike in Portland somewhere,thanks sharon
Thor asks: is their a service manual for the I-zip? I think I have a broken throttle. Where can I get a replacement? I am in Toronto Canada. I bought the bike at Canadian Tire and don't think they will be of any real help but I will see soon...
Maria Laura V asks: where can I purchase a new battery charger
Greg g asks: schwinn s-350 throttle control...i am unable to locate part that is made by currie...please help.
Roston s asks: Where can I buy replacement batteries for my Schwinn s600 scooter in Orlando, Fl.
Alfredobetwee L asks: I cant decide between the Xtreme 500 or the Schwinn 750 , can I get someones opinion here?
Debbie m asks: how do you get the chain to be tighter
Jill L asks: got the schwinn s400 scooter about 2 weeks ago. the charger has a green light on...scooter does not work. the half and low light keeps blinking. whats going on?
Bobby G asks: We have an S350 which has a throttle "sticking" problem. It has done this to my 9 yr old as well as to me. We replaced this unit once for similar symptoms in it's first 2 days. Now the replacement unit has issues. Is this a recurring issue in this model or are we unique? Which part or parts are likely failure points? Thanks for your help!
Sarah G asks: that I charge my scooter and when i want to ride it, the battery is always dead and won't allow me to ride. What is wrong with it?
Bill A asks: I have a damages E scooter, 24 volt 288 watt along with the manual, but I am unable to identify the model and year. Who can I contact to find out the information that I need - also a replacement.
Jeremy B asks: I bought my son a brand new s 400 for xmas and it will not charge, but the charger is showing a green light. I can't figure out wy it wont charge. The first charge was for 12 hours and still nothing
Lerry G asks: I bought this scooter recently on ebay for my son, unfortunately it is not running, it was it the shipping for more than a month, I recharged the batteries, as per the green light on the charger, I think there is electrical issue, do you think one set of wire is open without the opposite connector, there is no sound of motor as well
Michelle J asks: where can I take my scooter for repairs?
James b asks: s350 if the charger is plugged in, the motor runs, unplug it, the motor doesnt run. is the battery not holding the charge?
Luis H asks: Where can I get replacement parts?
Dan H asks: We have the Schwinn S350 electic scooter. when we plug the charger in the light on the transformer is green. when we unplug the charger and turn the switch on, the green light does not illuminate and the scooter does not have power. It acts like it is not charging. We put brand new batteries in it today because we thought it was a battery issue. apparently it is something else.
Suzanne t asks: Has the schwinn scooters been recalled
Benjamin S asks: How much better is the Schwin 500 then the Schwin 400?
Patsy g asks: what is the extra wire plug hanging out of the back
Mike R asks: Why is there no email support from Currie? The current Customer Service is very poor, with long wait times. I was told that I "didn't deserve to own one" after complaining that my part was not received in a timely manner (not even pulled from inventory, actually). I gave up on my two scooters but am determined to bring them back to life. One has a flat back tire- the other a controller/ motor issue (still searching). Thoughts?
Guy W asks: My Schwinn Scooter S150 does not charge. After charger indicates a full charge, there is little to no power. The wheels will turn with scooter off the ground then will stop under the slightest load. I have replaced the batteries. Suspect charger. Thanks for any help.
Andrew M asks: My scooterwon't charge. Do you know what is wrong?
Fred x asks: can you ride them in wet weather?
Lois S asks: Where can you take a schwinn scooter for repair? - not sure what is wrong with it.
Randall W asks: Looking for a rear rim and tire assy. For s350(mag rim) 12-1/2 X 2-1/4
Debbie b asks: scooter doesn't seem to be charging full and empty charge lights come on at the same time
Darlene M asks: were do you buy footplates with the screw. For a 350
Phil R asks: When charging the battery the red accelator light on the speed control keeps blinking and the system is not charging up. Do I need a new battery?
Irwin O asks: I purchased a Schwinn standup scooter for my son from Pep Boys about a year ago. While a friend was riding it, the weld that attaches the handle bar upright to the base of the scooter gave way and the boy tumbled off the scooter. I see this is the same symptom as the recent Razor scooter recall. I'm wondering if Schwinn will follow suit.
Andrew asks: How do i put the back tire back on
Polly b asks: I am looking for a 12v10ah/20hp battery for a schwinn s350 quality.
Sarah s asks: i have a problem with my scooter working wgere could i take it for repair
Ernie W asks: I am 62 years old and I think a Schwinn Scooter would really come in handy in some large RV parks. I could easily carry it inside my small Class C RV. I need to know what the advantage would be to get the S1000 vs the S750? Am I spending $100 more wisely? I understand they both come in direct drive. What are the advantages/disadvantages of direct drive over chain? Is there a local dealer I can buy it from in the Dallas Fort Worth Area? Part & Service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area?
Rhonda M asks: The gear is stuck. Once I turn on the power all 3 buttons light up regarding the charging status. If I throttle the switch to go, the only was I can stop is to push the brakes. A little boy was riding the turned the throttle knob to hard. Please assist me ASAP.
Cheree W asks: we have had the battery charging for over 24 hours and it still is not working. We have had it for over a year but haven't used it so it is still brand new.
Mufeed s asks: How long do you charge
Kent Warner W asks: How do I replace the barrings in the rear wheel. The outside ring is impossible to get out? Please help!
Andy R asks: How do you properly charge a S350 Scooter? I got one for my grandkids and want make sure I charge it properly. Thank you!
Charlie P asks: I have a scwinn 350 seies scooter that doesn't run. I have a new battery and new charger, What is the most likely problem for trouble shooting?
Gwen S asks: I need to order a replacement throttle/cable for our Schwinn s350 electric scooter..is it a 2 pin or 3 pin. or where can I order a replacement at?
Chuck H asks: I have an S350 scooter, It is need of rear barrings. I can't find a local repair shop in the Detroit area. Can you help??
Dave s asks: are the bearings for the s350 the same for front and rear wheels?
Charlie d asks: I have Schwinn 500 a scooter that will not run. When I flip the switch I can hear the electric sort of click through but the lights do not lite up and no power. Any ideas?
Laura E asks: Where can I download an owners manual for the schwinn s350? we bought 2 used ones but they did not have the manual. I will also needs parts, just not sure which ones yet . Thanks
Daniel S asks: How long do you have to charge the scooter
Josh d asks: how do ifix it if it is turning on but not riding
Bcfkbn asks: where can i find a electric scooter?
Tammy R asks: My daughter has a Schwinn S350. When the charger is plugged in and the indicator light on the charger is showing fully charged, the green light on the scooter comes on also when the switch is turned on WHILE the charger is connected... again, showing a full charge. The scooter will run but ONLY if the charger is connected. Once the charger is disconnected, the green light on the scooter will not come on and it will not run. IS the battery bad or what part do you think it is that needs replacing? Once again, it will run when charger is plugged in and it's connected to it and all lights work, indicating fully charged. Once charger is unplugged, it won't do anything. Thanks for your help.
Elizabeth B asks: Just bought a used (in great condition) Schwinn Missile FS scooter. Would like to get the manual to find out about recharging it properly--length of time etc. Can't seem to find that online anywhere though. Thank you!
Rumsey c asks: I would like to convert my 350 scooter to gas. Is a conversion kit available
Clarence D asks: Where can I find replacement parts for Schwinn S 350? Need charger Leadman POWMAX KY-05048s-29. May need replacments batteries. Thanks, Clarence
Luisa p asks: accidentally threw away instructions on charging the battery, how can I get another copy?
Kyle C asks: How can You Make a Schwinn S350 Go at least 35 mph and not spend over 150 Dollars. Would the battery run out faster. Can you make the scooter last longer too?
Haley C asks: When I first got my scooter it went pretty fast. I have an s350. I got it about a year and a half ago. My friends just got scooters that are supposed to go the same speed as my scooter, but they can go much faster than me! What can I do to get me Schwinn s350 to go at least 15mph again?
Marithea e asks: Where can we find motor scooter with gas in it? we went to riverwalk alamo in san antonio but we didn't find one...
Christopher s asks: i was wondering step by step how to switch a back tire on a schwinn electric scooter
Jay M asks: we just purchased a used scooter, the Missle FS, and have only used it for about a week and now it won't charge. I took a look at all the connections and the both batters are warped. Because they are warped identically I'm not sure if that is normal. Normally batters are square or rectangular with flat sides. So I'm just ensuring that their condition is in bad shape and need replaced. Or that they should look like that and there is another problem.
Jim B asks: I have a 2004 S350 for which the charger was lost. It sat for 2 years. I just bought a S500. Will the S500 charger work on the S350? The connections seem to fit.
Jennifer m asks: I now own a schwinn s350 electric scooter I do not have a battery charger and need to know the brand and volt to get one unless you sell them direct
Nasser c asks: flat in rear tire seems really bad can not pump up at all so where can i go to have someone remove and replace it or fix it my zip code is 08057
Deborah R asks: where can I have a Schwinn electric S350 scooter repaired in central new jersey?
Anna P asks: Am looking for a charger, model #LD8020. Can you help me?
Jimmy l asks: is their a optional basket on tray available for the 750 scooter..
Joe h asks: i've lost the manual to my s350 scooter how long should i charge it?
Mike m asks: this is the best little scooter the s 350 have hade two years with no problems i ride it almost every day and am 46 years old 190 lbs
Jeanie O asks: Do you have a model that has a built in locked trunk, blinkers, brake lights?
Todd L asks: My schwinn 500 watt scooters indicator all three colors light up but it will not move
Scott J asks: The scooter turns on but when the throtle turns the scooter dosn't go. what is wrong with my scooter?
Diane g asks: how can I find a place to repair my son's flat tire? We live in Des Moines, Iowa 50314
Rick T asks: "Where can I purchase parts for a Schwinn Missle FS scooter locally (Grand Rapids, MI)
Missy S asks: we have an s-350. It will not turn off. It continues running and the battery runs out. the kids cannot ride it.
Pug m asks: My son was given a schwinn Missile FS electric scooter. It came with no manual. I charged up the battery, but it wont run. The bike says it's fully charged, but there is no go when the thumb throtle is pushed. Am I missing something obvious like a secret switch or button or secret password...???
Norbert Kuhr Jr. K asks: i have a s350 with the battery charged when you turn the power on it goes to full run and then goes down till it gets to enpty you turn it off and the on and it thus the same can you please advise on the problem thank you
Tarry t asks: how much will it cost to put a tier on at a shop
Gloria asks: the scooter moves when charger is on but will not with out it on.is it the battery/ we had is stored for a while and it started doing this after this time.
Scott asks: bike won't run all three three lights on handle come on
Judi F asks: Where Can I buy a new controller for a Schwinn s350 scooter
Jimmie W asks: I have a flat rear tire and I need instructions on replacing the tube.
Thomas f asks: how to tighen chain and brakes on schwinn s350.
Bill z asks: Can I remove the speed limiter on a stealth 1000...or how do I make it faster
Sandy S asks: Where can i have my schwinn scooter serviced in Michigan. Preferrably the Ann Arbor area
Mabel j asks: we bought my son a scooter for easter 2007 now it wont charge no lights come on what could be the problem
Bill H asks: can you send me a diagram of the electrical system
Burton asks: it suddenly stopped running. tried to recharge the battery but it didn't seem to help. when i turn the switch to on i hear a click. nothing else. what should i do? thanks
James F asks: one day i my schwinn electric s350 scooter in the rain for about ten minutes to get home. Then it stopped raining so i got on it and rode it around, it was working fine, then, it ran out of battery, from then on whenever i charge it. It cant go very fast at all. Can someone tell me why and what to do about it?
Eugene Kipnis Kipnis asks: what shop can I bring the S500 electric scooter for repairs? I live in the 91354 zip code. Thank you.
Jeff d asks: I have two scooters, both are only one year old, they both need service. Where in my area can I take them for reliable repairs.
Don H asks: My son has an s180. The batteries were replaced not to long ago and the batteries have no power. With nobody on the scooter and the throttle at full the wheel will start to spin then stop as if the batteries where almost drained, after charging over night. I performed this test while measuring the voltage drop over the batteries and the drop in voltage was barely noticeable. Any ideas?
Marshall s asks: on the schwinn s350 the sprocket bent and the pinion gear came off i fixed them and i forgot how to put it together if anyone has an assembly manual please post it
Allen b asks: ihave a monomgoose m200 scooters i need a charger i live in lacrosse wi is there any place close i can get one
Jerry m asks: s350 scooter not as fast as it used to be. Is there a replacement part or battery that can restore it to its original speed?
Bruce Leclair asks: How do I go about getting replacement parts for the scooter? I need a piece/part breakdown with part numbers to order. Thanks
Chris Myers asks: where can i find rear tires for 150 series stingray. 8"solid rubber
Brenda asks: I want to put an airless or solid tire on my S600. Have had it 2 weeks and 2 flats. Is this possible? If so, where can they be purchased? Brands?
Joseph asks: Where can I print out a Scwinn s180 scooter owners manual?
Barbara asks: I need to replace the wire basket for the S600 model. Do you know where I can get one?
Larry Fast asks: Do you have a parts/labor manual available for the 2004 Schwinn New Frontier Electric Scooter with a band braking system.
Brandy Hodges asks: I bought a Schwinn Electric Scooter: s350 and didn't recieve a 3-prong charger that is surpost to be in the package. I have had my scooter in my basement for over a year and am still unable to trake down a charger. PLEASE HELP ME find one. Cause I feel that this is money that shouldn't go to waste. Thanks, Brandy from Minneapolis
Cherie asks: we have lost the owners manual and need some assembley instructions for the rear. I am not going to buy the manual I just need to make sure I am doing it right and I need this done ASAP
Melissa Anderson asks: Where can i purchase a battery charger for a Schwinn scooter? Model #SBC24-02B5L. On line or at a store near me is fine.
Janice Hulet asks: I need a battery charger for my daughter's Schwinn S180 electric scooter
Lesa Mizell asks: we have two electric Schwinn Scooters, both which have become dangerous to ride. They go by themself in a circle. Is there going to be a recall or can we get a replacement? To expensive to last only 9 months.
Amy Johnston asks: I need a new battery charger. Where do I get one??
Yvonne asks: we have miss placed the charger for our i-zip electric scooter and i would like to purchase another.
Nathaniel Brickens asks: How do I get a copy of the owners manual? I was not able to find it on the Schwinn website. Thanks!
Greg asks: My son cut the throttle cable on his s-350 when i spliced the wires back together the unit did not work
Tonya Williams asks: The powmax model ky-05048S-29 for my daughters schwinn S350 will not charge up the scooter. I'm not sure why. I need to try to get another one. We had this for about a year and the charger either burned out or just doesn't work. Let me know where I can order another one. Thanks Tonya
Angel Dadabo asks: I have been trying to get my neice's Shwinn S350 electric scooter repaired for her for 6 months. First, at Pep boys where it was purchased. After it was there for a few months they said they sell them but do not repair them. Then we took it to Jacksonville Schooter on July 18th. The owner said he ordered a part. They never called us back. Finally we did get in touch and he is going out of the Scooter business becausse his engineering company is growing. We picked up the Scooter today and still need to get it running. The man told us it needed a new motor. Finally, my question is, How do I order a Schwinn S350 moter with a schematic of how to insall it? Thank you for any help you can provide. Angel
Tyler S asks: I've had my schwinn s-350 for about a year and one day i rode it in the rain and i went to stop and let go of the throttle and it kept going full throttle i had to press the break really hard to get it to stop? I took it apart and ckecked the wireing buy nothing I could see was rong it happened to my friends to and his uncle replaced a fuse. Where can I buy a fuse and where do i put it in the scooter at? I want to know does this happen regulary? thnks for time!!! and could I replace the fuse or would I have to take it in?? please help me I want to ride again. thnks plz email me
Darlene Cox asks: My son has a Schwinn S350 that is 10 months old. When it is turned on he only makes a "humming" noise but does not run. Would it be a bad motor or battery?
Kathy Nestor asks: Where can I get a new or used battery charger for my Schwinn S350?
Arlene Lokesak asks: Where can I buy a scooter basket for the Schwinn 350 electric Scooter? I have looked everywhere.
Eric asks: Why are there so many different throttle repacement parts for my 2004 Schwinn S-350 Electric Scooter? I have searched online and found 3 different throttle handles that look the same, but the "male" end of the wire is different.
Bruce Le Clair asks: I have a Schwinn S350 and received it for Christmas 2004 and am experiencing a problem. The shifter has become disconnected cannot go forward without being able to use the shifter The wiring from the shifting lever on my Schwinn S350 has disconnected itself and I am in need of information on how to either fix my Schwinn S350 or how to get a replacement unit.
Rebecca Ferguson asks: My parents lost the charger for my Schwinn s-350 scooter, where can I buy a replacement charger?
Larry Nolan asks: Can you e-mail me a diagram of the rear brake assembly for my Schwinn scooter. I have a 2003 model Schwinn electric scooter and I do not think the dealer assembled it correctly.
Carol asks: I need to replace my battery charger for a Schwinn scooter battery charger model #LD8020, Input 120v 105a, output 24vdc 102/2a.
Darrell Buchanan asks: My Schwinn S350 suddenly ceased to work. Power Light still comes on but that is all. Downloaded the troubleshooting manuals and tried to follow them but am still unsure which component needs replacement. Are there any Schwinn S350 experts in the western Maryland region?
Jason Wascher asks: Is the Schwinn S-350 sold at Meijer stores a true schwinn electric scooter. I am looking for electric scooters for my kids and want something durable. I want a new product not a refurbished unit.
Susan asks: My Schwinn scooter randomly looses complete power. I turn it off and sometimes it's back to full power and sometimes not. I am sure it is completely charged. It's very difficult to predict, therefore unreliable.
Steven asks: how do i adjust the sprocket on my Schwinn s350 scooter?
Candace asks: Where can i buy tires for Schwinn 350 scooters?
Ronni Sheahan asks: We have 2 Schwinn S350 electric scooters we bought in LaQuinta, CA. We can not find anything about them on-line. They are really great! We would like to know about Schwinn S350 parts if we need them ect... Thank you very much. David & Ronni.
Scott asks: All the indicator lights are lit on my Schwinn scooter and the throttle does nothing?
Don asks: My charger continues to charge the battery and the battery is hot and swollen. Is this a defective battery or charger, or both?
Josh Rose asks: Was this electric scooter recalled? The Schwinn electro-drive s350 scooter.
Cindy asks: Where do we get our Schwinn scooter serviced in Christiansburg, VA?
Toni Fedorchak asks: We purchased a Schwinn scooter last year and the back tire has popped at least 7 times since then, it is a Schwinn S350 electric scooter.
Stephen asks: How do I find a replacement tire for the Schwinn S350 Electric Scooter with Seat?
Matt Andros asks: My Schwinn S350's charger just blinks as if the scooter is charged. It is a Powmax xharger Model #KY-05048S-29 the same model that has been recalled by Razor. What is Schwinn going to do about my bad charger?
Chris Perkins asks: Do Schwinn electric scooters have rear view mirrors?
Kami Osborne asks: Why won't the back tire on my Schwinn electric scooter hold air? It has been repaired 2 times by a Schwinn electric scooter dealer.
Chris Perkins asks: Do Schwinn electric scooters have turn signals? How fast can they go? Are they licensed for road use?
Dave asks: The charger is green, but the scooter will not take a charge. I've only had it 4 weeks.
TYLER MCMAHON asks: I need a new Schwinn scooter part. I have to replace a lost battery charger for my Schwinn Electric scooter - 2004 model 5200. Thanks.
Nick Briggs asks: I need Schwinn scooter replacement parts. Where can I get scooter replacement parts (tires & tubes) for a Schwinn S150 electric scooter in the U.K.
Mrs. Curry asks: The Schwinn Electric Scooter S-350, can it be ridden on dirt driveways?
Diane D'Aurora asks: I need Schwinn authorized scooter repair parts and service. Where can I take my Schwinn scooter in for scooter repair parts and service, in the Orlando, FL area?
Bob asks: Has a recall been issused on Schwinn electric scooters?
Terri asks: I need an electric motor scooter part. Where can I find Schwinn electric motor scooter parts and get my son's Schwinn electric motor scooter repaired? We live in Merrimac, WI (about 45 miles from Madison, WI).
Mary Ann asks: My husband received a Schwinn electronic scooter last year for fathers day and it never really charged well. We are trying to find new Schwinn electronic scooter batteries. Where would that be? We live near Hamilton, Ohio.
Middie asks: Can a 70lb girl ride the Schwinn S-350 electric scooter in grass? It is level not hilly.
Jude asks: My Schwinn S350's have been used a month--today they will not turn off. What should I do?
Dakota C asks: I have a Schwinn Electic scooter. I have had it maybe a year. It seems to have a short in it. The battery charger light indicates that it is charged. It will start up but within a minute it starts acting like there is a short and finally quits. What do you think the problem could be, who fixes these things and where can I find e-scooter parts?
Karen Miller asks: I have a Schwinn Electic scooter. I have had it maybe a year. It seems to have a short in it. The battery charger light indicates that it is charged. It will start up but within a minute it starts acting like there is a short and finally quits. What do you think the problem could be and who fixes these things?
Ron Pinson asks: Has there been a recall issued on Schwinn electric scooters?
Michael asks: The wires that go from the throttle, which are red, green and yellow to the wires from the metal of the ct102c controller, which are red, green and black are apart. I need to connect them correctly. Please tell me which wires connect to which so that my throttle will give me current to make the Schwinn S350 work. Thank You for your time!
Ali Parsons asks: Has a recall been issued for the Schwinn S350 electric scooter?
Jackie Blankenship asks: i am having trouble getting my Schwinn scooter batteries to charge. i can not find no replacement for them. my brother had it then only for a couple months then i got it. so what do i do. it is a schwinn s350 scooter.
Railonnie asks: What is the contact info for the manufacturer of Schwinn Scooters?
Jan asks: The battery charger on my Schwinn scooter is flashing red and won't take a charge.......HELP
Mario asks: Hey guys just to say I love my scooter but as of late its been giving me problems X-treme / 500 I am in the 90068 area code Los Angeles Ca. and need a repair shop that can give me an Idea of what might be the problem Thanks again may happy rides to you all.
Becky S asks: Which model would you suggest for a commuter? I'd need to take it on the train and bus. Also, I'd need to be able to ride rain or shine. Does that mean I should go with a gas scooter rather than electric?
Mark K asks: The X-Treme XM-500 is out of stock everywhere??? How can I get one?
John t asks: I am interested in the x-140. I would like to know if it comes with a key or lock or something so when i ride it to the store i can lock it up outside.... thanks for your attention
Andy z asks: where in south michigan can i find a dealer & take a test ride???
Mary B asks: My son has the 600 Series scooter and cannot get it to go over 1 mph...after a complete charge. The light turns red when charging and it shows it has a full charge; however, when he starts it up & gives it gas... the charge indicator drops to 1 light
David M asks: How can I find a local wholesaler/reseller. I live in Memphis, TN and I have read numerous positive (and negative) reviews on the x-treme brand. Particularly their lack of customer service. I would prefer to deal with a local person so you can go there and deal w/ issues face to face.
EILYNN R asks: Can I get a manual to my Electric Scooterand it brand name is Firehawk to.
Ron H asks: I want to use it to supplement my commute to work. This requires I charge it in two different locations. Charge by simply plugging into an outlet, or do I need special equipment I must have at both locations?
Scott n asks: how do these scooters hold up to rain, wet roads etc?
Cyndy g asks: what is the lifespan of the batteries? is it powered with all 5 batteries installed, or are some foe replacement purposes? would you buy this scooter?
Dr.kohen s asks: do you have scratch and dent specials?
Sharon Burger c asks: Where are the locations where we can get the X-treme XB-500 near Bellflower, CA?
Michael Willard d asks: can I put on a side kick stand?. I have xb-350. thank you
Eileen G asks: how can I test ride one...where are these scooters serviced,if need be?
Darrin c asks: what scooter bike is legal for road driving and do i need to have a licence.i heard there is a scooter that has pedals and can be driven on the road,no licence needed priced around 1500-1700 dollars is this true.don't want to get pulled over by police.thank you
Sherell T asks: Do you have electric three wheel scooters?
Dave L asks: How well will it handle hills with a 150lb person riding. Hill is about 10% grade and about 200 ft. Rest of commute is relatively flat.
Katherine c asks: can you tell me how to locate the warehouse in newton iowa, and the warehouse in south china...thank you!!!
Rita p asks: do you have problems with the chain coming off..
Ken B asks: I currently have an Electric Chariot Rad2go Electric Scooter and I need to replace the battery. I
Sheryl L asks: I have been finding a lot of negative information on these scooters and I am getting real worried because I thought I had done my research and I've already ordered 2 for my kids for christmas. I have never spent that much for one single thing for them and now I am worried I am going to be soooo disappointed.
Brooks m asks: you don't seem to have any information about the XM-2000 i would like to know as much about it as i can. thank you
Susan asks: We're thinking about getting the x-560. Getscooters.com has it for $354.00, Urbanscooters.com (which you seem to be endorsing on this website) has it for $429.95, and Scooter Net Store has it for $295.00. There's a big difference in prices! Do you know if the two cheaper stores are reputable and safe to order from? Thank you!
Jack L asks: are they the best brand to consider for a 10 year old boy for recreation? We live in a very hilly area (lots of ups and downs). I was considering the x-treme x-250 or 400. I have read a couple reviews online that knocked x-treme on quality - particularly the rear wheels. Which brands should we consider? I am a fan of quality products and would like to spend around $300 (give or take). Frankly, I would rather buy a gas scooter for him just because I won't have to worry about charging all the time. However, I am afraid a gas scooter is too fast for him. Is this correct thinking or am I uninformed? Thank you for your website and your time. I really appreciate you sharing your insight.
Phil S asks: I have a house on an island where golf carts are the only vehicles. The island is accessible only by passenger ferry. Since the golf cart is kept at the house, I'd like to have a small scooter that I can carry with me on the ferry, and use to get back and forth between the ferry landing and the house. The distance is about 1 mile. The hills are very small. I weigh 180 lbs.
Marian S asks: I have two Extreme-360 Scooters, but one that won't charge. The charger has a red light that keeps flashing on and off at a rapid speed. Because it has 3 12V 12 AH batteries, how do I know which battery is bad or if this is even the case?
David h asks: How much assembly is required?.
KENNETH L asks: I WANT TO BUY A Go-Ped : X-Treme X10000 Scooter I'm a 60 yr o;d male 290 lbs 5 ft 11 in I have many years motorcycle experance I have a leg injury I need a scooter to go to poin A like chursch 5 miles away please help me
Rhoderick R asks: Where can I find a showroom/retail dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Jeremy M asks: I am looking for an assembly manual that shows the assembly of the rear wheel and belt. I had to repair the tube and am trying to get the parts back together
Nathan w asks: where can i by them
Billy Kaye j asks: x-treme x-360-350 watt electric scooter how do i put it together
Mark U asks: Is the electric bike (XB-500)difficult to use as a bicycle- since it weighs 100lbs. I like the electric-peddle option, but am afraid the peddling would not really work- since the bike is so heavy- are there any comments from owners
Brad G asks: I recently bought an electric scooter at a sale, however it doesn't seem to be getting power. I have checked all the batteries they are fully charged and the battery connections are good. should I check something else?
Mick N asks: X Treme XA 750 E-ATV is Are They available in the UK or Germany? Do you have a supplier in Europe? if not will you export one? how much will it cost all in? and how long would it take to get here?

It's the question on everyone's mind… do I go gas or electric! There are many factors to consider when purchasing a motorized scooter. Whether you buy a gas scooter or an electric scooter is one of the first decisions you'll want to make. This section outlines the pros and cons of each type of motorized scooter.

COST: Electric scooters win the prize in the affordability category. As a general rule, an electric scooter that offers the same specifications as a gas scooter will be less expensive.

SPEED: Dollar for dollar, gas scooters have the advantage. You'll find electric scooter models that vary in speed from 8 mph to 25 mph, but electric scooters offering a speed in excess of 20 mph are very rare. On the other hand, gas scooters will zip along at speeds ranging from 16 mph to 30 mph.

NOISE: Electric scooters are the clear winner in this category. Gas scooters are quite loud and their noise level can be compared to a motorcycle, lawnmower or leaf blower. If noise is a concern, you should probably get an electric scooter. An electric scooter is very quiet and usually gives off a low humming sound rather than the high volume sound produced by gas scooters. If you must have a gas scooter and noise is a concern, try a gas scooter built with a California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emission compliant motor. Gas scooter motors built to California C.A.R.B. standards are quieter.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: And the winner is by unanimous decision… electric scooters! If your goal is to help save the planet by reducing harmful emissions, then electric is the way to go. Gasoline scooters burn fuel which give off emissions that are harmful to our environment. However, gas scooters do produce fewer harmful emissions than your car. If you plan on keeping your car in the garage and commuting by gas scooter instead, then at least you're headed in the right direction. Gas scooters with motors built to California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emission standards are cleaner burning than standard gas scooters.

USABILITY: There's no clear winner here although electric scooters do have an edge. While electric scooters get their power supply from an electrical outlet, gas scooters require the handling of fuel. Typically gasoline is mixed with two stroke engine oil to properly fuel a gas powered scooter. If you're uncomfortable handling flammable liquids then gas powered scooters are probably not for you.

DURABILITY: Gas scooters tend to have the advantage here. Generally speaking gas scooters are more durable because they must handle higher speeds and are more likely to be used off road.

RELIABILITY: Neither electric scooters or gas scooters have an obvious advantage here. The key is to stick with a quality brand name motorized scooter and to avoid off-brand scooters, no brand scooters and clones. Off-brand scooters, no brand scooters and clones generally offer extremely poor reliability.

SAFETY & LEGAL ISSUES: Both electric scooters and gas scooters require attention to safety guidelines and local laws. Check out our Scooter Safety Page for a general overview of safety guidelines for all motorized scooters. Laws regarding motorized scooters vary from state to state and it's best to contact your local DMV or law enforcement agency for the laws in your area. Gas scooters that don't comply with California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emissions standards are illegal for use in the state of California for other than closed course competition purposes.

IN CONCLUSION: The type of motorized scooter that's best for you depends partly on how you plan on using the motorized scooter and partly on personal preference. To help make your decision a little easier, consider the following information:

Electric scooters are much quieter than their noisy counterparts. No warm-up time is required when starting an electric scooter. Electric scooters are easy to use and don't require the handling of fuel. They only cost about five cents per day to charge. Electric scooters are allowed on public transit, such as buses, trains, and planes, whereas gas scooters are typically not allowed by law. Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and don't have that 'gasoline smell'.

Gas scooters offer more power and speed. They are lighter in weight and usually have a smaller frame and higher carrying capacity. Gas scooters tend to have greater range and outperform electric scooters on hills and rough terrain. A gas scooter is more convenient than an electric scooter in that you can simply fill it up at your local gas station and get back on the road. An electric scooter must be recharged through an electrical outlet and charging can take from four to eight hours depending on the scooter.

There you have it, the basic pros and cons of buying an electric scooter versus a gas scooter. Simply weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide which type of motorized scooter will best suit your needs.

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